Gerda Weissmann Klein : A Holocaust Survivor Essay

Gerda Weissmann Klein : A Holocaust Survivor Essay

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Gerda Weissmann Klein is a Holocaust survivor that was born in Bielsko, Holand. She went through the misery of knowing what pain and suffering is. When she was 15, the Germans took over Bielsko and that is when everything started happening. On April nineteenth of 1942, the Jews were asked to move to the ghetto. Then they were forced to work in work camps and Gerda and her parents got separated. Later she went to a concentration camp, a 5 month death march. Stating of what this teenager (now woman) went through, Gerda was very qualified to write this book, knowing what actually happened inside the camps.
Gerda’s life story that she writes in the book is during the World War two. The book cover’s her life from the invasion from Poland, 1939 to the year she was rescued, 1945. Although the book contains many flash backs, those are the years explained thoroughly. The important details that Gerda wanted to emphasize is the pain and the details of the ghetto, camps and death marches. Although her book is about the WW2, it doesn 't tell the complete history of the war, only what Gerda knew inside the camp because of the fact that the camps couldn 't communicate with the outside world. The people that communicated with Gerda either didn 't really want to “waste” their letter or they really didn 't have any idea because they were too in camps. Some important historic events is especially at the end when the Soviets and the Allies started fighting back harder. This lead to the five month death march that made more than half of Gerda’s group die.
This book is about Gerda 's holocaust story and how she dealt with all the horrible things that happened to her and her friends. Gerda was a normal teenager but when the problems between countries ...

... middle of paper ... Gerda’s as an example because she wrote the book so well and detailed that I thought that I was there with her. I think Gerda did an amazing job writing this book and putting so much work and detail into it. I’ve concluded that I even have a different perspective on the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a horrible thing, and although I have read several books, this one was real and not sugar coated. I know now what the Jews and many others went through and how much they suffered. I think that what surprised me the most was that the SS locked the Jews in the factory with the bomb. They had to be heartless to do that to anybody. Everything they did in general from the horrible food (bread and coffee) they gave them to the jobs they have them (flax detail). Although it was a struggle for Gerda to get out of the camps, at least she found her happy ending with her husband.

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