The Diary of an Anne Frank

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The Diary of an Anne Frank

The events recounted in Anne Frank’s Diary took place during World War 11. By 1933, the strongest party in Germany had gained ultimate power with Hitler under their command. Hitler was Germany’s dictator who spread his gospel of racial hatred through politics. While poverty and unemployment were at an all time high he launched a campaign of anti-Semitism. Hitler’s main target was the Jews, claiming that they were “racially inferior.” He developed an idea of a Master Aryan Race, the need to rid Germany of “inferior people”, such as Jews and Gypsies, and the need to expand Germany’s borders. In doing this, he caused many Jews to abandoned their homes and go into total isolation. The Frank family was one of many who endured Hitler's wrath. The Diary of Anne Frank is about a little girl who tells her story of struggle and courage through her diary.

On Anne’s thirteenth birthday she received various presents, but the present that she cherished the most was her diary that she named “Kitty”. The Diary of Anne Frank, captures Anne’s feelings, emotions, thoughts, and events that surrounded her. On May 10, 1940 the German Army invaded the Netherlands, where Anne and her family lived. The invasion caused them to go into secret hiding, because of fear of their life. This was the first measure in the campaign of persecution against the Jews of the Netherlands. A short phrase captures Anne’s emotions about this situation; “Anti-Jewish decrees followed each other in quick succession. Jews must wear yellow star, Jews must hand in their bicycles, Jew are banned from trams and are forbidden to drive. Jews must be indoor by eight o’clock and cannot even sit in their own gardens after hour. Jews may not take part in any public sports. Jews may not visit Christians. Our freedom was strictly limited. Yet things were bearable.” Even though things were tough, Anne always tried to look for the good things in situations and make the best of them.

After the invasion the Frank family went into hiding in the “Secret Annexe” with the help of Mr. Franks colleagues. This is where her two-year journey of fear begins for Anne. I am sure that such repression and fear of life would make almost any teenager completely depressed and miserable. However, Anne managed to keep her hope for a better tomorrow and man...

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...heerfulness attitude. One person recalls, “ She was very pallid at first, but there was something so intensely attractive about her frailty and her expressive face.”

Despite what was going on around her, she tried to keep a joyful attitude at Westerbork. Shortly after Anne’s sister died of typhus, Anne sensed something was wrong with herself and passed away peacefully. If she had survived a few more days she would have been there for the liberation of the concentration camp.

The Diary of Anne Frank is wonderfully well presented, not losing the interest of the reader. Each part of the diary helps me understand the terrible hardships that she faced and how she overcame her problems. Even though she was young, she still had a very effective style of writing to inform her readers. This book shows us the ignorance of what Hitler caused thinking that one race is “racially inferior” to another. The Diary of Anne Frank is a superb book to read to find out about the struggle and hardships that that the Jews had to face during World War 11. It showed me that even the Nazis could not diminish the hope and happiness of a fourteen-year-old girl named Anne Frank.
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