Essay On World War 1

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Ashween Manimaran David Clarke World Core Lit 7 February 2014 Research Paper World War 1 was the first and only war of its kind, in aspect of changing the lives of everyone involved. At the beginning of the war, all sides believed that this would be the best way to show there dominance, and were ultimately disappointed. World War 1 was used to transition into a different type of fighting, one in which killing was more prominent resulting in the decay of the nationalistic pride of many soldiers and civilians. Even when trying to make amends, countries still wanted to show dominance, which was visible at the Paris Peace Conference. This makes us wonder how can we understand the outcome of WWI through the nature of the war itself, and anybody involved in it. By observing the expectation of the war at it’s beginning, how technology and tactics change, how emotions toward the war change, and how peace is created, we can understand this During WW1, the military as well as the soldiers brought their views of the war into their lives which affected both them and the civilians who didnt understand them. Around the beginning of the war everyone thought they will win the war and that it was going to be short with not too many casualties being lost. The civilian population however knew that they were going to be affected even if they didnt participate in the war itself. The civilians which consisted mostly of women and children, were influenced by the government to support the cause and help by everyhting that helped the country besided actually fighting in the war. Both the ally and enemy side had a strong feeling that they were going to win the war. Thus with this feeling they were able to have a large impact on the men of the country b... ... middle of paper ... ...s like to participate in the war. They did not realize was that the Homefront was equivelent to death according to the soldiers. The majority of the soldiers are not able to express to the civilians what it was actually like to be at war. Upon arrival home the soldier may also feel like they are somewhat out of place, alienated, or have an overall feeling of things being strange. However some civilians who do understand can almost feel what it was like to battle on the Homefront. All of the countries who fought in the war thought they were goingto win. However those who actually fought in the war had the oppurtunity to know whether they were going to lose or not. The government knew truth of whether they would or wouldnt stand a chance agianst their enemy. Even if they knew they didnt have a chance they still told their people that they will win.
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