George Washington : A True Hero Essay

George Washington : A True Hero Essay

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George Washington: A True Hero

In this day and age, George Washington’s name is so acclaimed and reputable, it holds a significant amount of meaning in itself. Not much has changed in the 239 years since he became a national hero to the people of a land who yearned to be free from British oppression. Far back into the past, becoming a hero may have meant committing dangerous and magnificent feats, and that still holds somewhat true today. George Washington, however, is especially known for his battle strategies, military tactic and leading America to freedom. For Washington, a few of the most dominant traits of heroism his personality encompasses include wisdom in guiding others, loyalty to his people and land, and courage when facing various obstacles. With a multitude of more attributes than listed above, such as integrity, he certainly portrays the definition of a hero in the eyes and hearts of many, to both those of the past and of the present.
One of George Washington’s most apparent traits, seeing as he was the first president this nation experienced, was wisdom in guiding others. He held a manifold of positions of high rank and respect. “Washington served as a general and commander-in-chief of the colonial armies during the American Revolution, and later became the first president of the United States serving from 1789 to 1797” (“George Washington Biography”). Just by observing his achievements and the leadership positions he held, one can evidently note how he led others using his wisdom. He guided an entire rag-tag army for years, which eventually turned to a victory, meaning the freedom of the nation. Careful thought and consideration must have always been a part of his decision making process in order to rightfully ...

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...ful to the newly flourishing nation of America (“George Washington Biography”).
George Washington is not only considered an exemplary hero for his actions, but as well as for his personality. Heroes are seen for their valiant and stout-hearted manner, and Washington was able to exhibit so in nearly every aspect of his life before and after his presidency. Like most heroes, he also has left a esteemed and distinguished legacy for others to follow. “He was not only considered a military and revolutionary hero, but a man of great personal integrity, with a deep sense of duty, honor, and patriotism” (“George Washington Biography”). Through his acts of wisdom in guiding others to establish a strong, independent new country, his courage and valor in battle, and his loyalty to the land leading to the loyalty of the country, George Washington can firmly be defined as a hero.

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