Geological Activity On Other Planets Essay

Geological Activity On Other Planets Essay

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For geologic activity on other planets, it’s easy to see the physical superficial aspects of objects which
helps us get a better idea of what is going on or what happened. The way we see these aspects are by
spacecraft that were sent into space. On August 4, 2014 NASA published images of volcanic eruptions
that occurred on Jupiter 's moon Io between August 15 and August 29 of 2013. During that two week
period, eruptions powerful enough to launch material hundreds of miles above the surface. There were
also Cryovolcanoes on Enceladus that were documented by the Cassini spacecraft in 2005. The
spacecraft imaged jets of icy particles venting from the South Polar Region. This made Enceladus the
fourth body in the solar system with confirmed volcanic activity. The spacecraft actually flew through a
cryovolcanic plume and documented its composition to be mainly water vapor with minor amounts of
nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. You can see the geologic activity aftermaths on the planet’s
surface, and we actually can see the images with our own eyes. It’s important because what you see is
the aftermath of what occurred.
Composition of a planet or moon is a bit different. We have sent spacecraft to the planets. Man-made
robots have landed on the moon, Venus and mars and studied their surface. Spacecraft have also
orbited or passed by all of the planets, and there is a spacecraft on its way out to study Trans-Neptunian
Objects. We have also dropped atmospheric probes into planets like Jupiter that are made of gas.
Spacecraft that land on the planets or enter their atmospheres can use scientific instruments to find out
what the planet is made of. The Juno mission is the second spacecraft designed under NASA 's New
Frontiers Program, Lau...

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...materials back to earth that will benefit us. I do not
understand some of the NASA missions and why they do it. Personally I do not see what we gain from
spending money sending a space craft to a planet just to see what it’s made up of. Maybe if it was made
up of some resources that would be useful to us then maybe. But even then, it would take years to
retrieve that material and it would cost more money to send these craft to these planets than the
material would cost. I also read an article on Comets and asteroids hitting planets and what not and it
terrifies me. I feel like it would be the end of the world and I am just 17 years old, my life is just

beginning. If we study comets and asteroids and other hazardous things to use then I feel like we would
be better prepared if that day comes where one it heading to destroy the earth. It’s better to be safe
than sorry.

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