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Soccer is a complicated sport with an even more complicated history. Indeed, many underestimate the stamina required to be successful, as players commonly run an average of six miles in an individual game (“soccer facts”). Soccer is an international sport that has gained popularity in the United States. From the people involved, the rules of gameplay, and its invention, soccer has certainly left its mark. Modern soccer was created in 1876 and can be traced back to Ancient China. It has been noted by “ Who Invented Football” that around 476 B.C. Cuju, also know as “ kick the ball with foot”, was played with a leather ball stuffed with feathers. The game got so popular that the military used the sport to keep soldiers physically …show more content…

The difference between Cuju and soccer today is the number of players is flexible in Cuju. Another difference is not all Cuju matches are won by goals. The game is decided by how well the players played the game (Who Invented Football). “ Who Invented Football” goes on to say that soccer in Rome is a lot different from others. Rome has no rules, strategies, or tactics. Play consists of fifty-four players ( twenty-seven on each team) whose only purpose was to get the ball to the opposing teams goal. Carelessness of players led to death. For example, a ball was accidentally kicked towards a barber shaving a customer, and the barber lost control and cut the customer 's throat ( “Who Invented Football”). It has been noted by Richard Sanders that Queens Park Club in Glasgow in 1876 marked the true birth of Modern football. Association football began to filter down the social scale when football started to spread rapidly through Lancashire, Black Country, and Britain. The spread of football to these …show more content…

It has been noted by Stewart Coggin that the game is played by two teams with no more than eleven players for each team on the field. A game may not be played with fewer than seven players. Basic equipment consists of shorts, socks, shin guards, cleats, and a jersey with sleeves that is a different color than the opponent and ref. A player is not allowed to wear equipment that is harmful to himself or any other player (Coggin). As “Soccer Position” mentions, forwards main purpose is to score goals. Good aspects for a forward include size, strength, and ability to head the ball. Another ability for a forward is to be able to make a shot from any angle. Midfielders play in the middle of the field. They have both offensive and defensive responsibilities. A midfielder must be able to dribble and pass as well as break an attack. Midfielders must be strong and aggressive and must be able to tackle ( Soccer Positions ). It is important to realize, as “Soccer Strategies” states, that while soccer may seem like an easy sport, the strategy of the game can be quite complex. The team with the ball is considered offense: the main tactic for an offense strategy is passing and moving. Another tactic is called Switch and Attack. This is where one may kick the ball to an open area on the field to give the offense a chance to regroup and form a new attack. The team not in possession of the ball is

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that modern soccer was created in 1876 and can be traced back to ancient china.
  • Explains that the game of soccer began to appear with the introduction of rules, such as goal-kicks, corners, whistles and penalty kicks.
  • Explains that while soccer may seem like an easy sport, the strategy of the game can be quite complex.
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