Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

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Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, is basically what the full name says. SETI is the search to find some sort of extra-terrestrial intelligence in the universe. The acronym SETI was actually made in the 1960’s and is used to describe the all of the radio signals from astronomers that are seeking evidence of some form of an intelligence life source out there. There is a very famous question in the world and what it asks is “Are we alone?” Well that is where SETI comes in. Before the twentieth century we could see lights in the sky, however then we knew they were just other suns and stars. Somehow the speculation got to us and now we believe that they are UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects. We want to know if they are UFO’s flown by some sort intelligent life such as aliens. Now a lot of people believe in aliens. A lot of people don’t. The only way to find out if they are real is by SETI pretty much. Now if there are aliens in space and we are not alone chances are they aren’t how we think of them. They probably won’t be all green and evil. They probably won’t even be able to walk, but again that is what SETI and the other programs in space are trying to find out. Now if they come up short and find that there is not or never was anyone with us in the world then that would be a waste of a lot of money and time. Hey they just might find out that there is some form of intelligent life out there with us. A lot of people have claimed to be abducted by “aliens” and many have claimed to see UFO’s. Even one of my families friends have claimed to been abducted. She says this because she has scars on her body that she does not remember how she got them, so she thinks she was probed. I also claim to have seen a couple of UF... ... middle of paper ... ...ial life out there. A lot of radio scientists or astronomers are considering the construction of a kilometer sized telescope, a humongous sized instrument that could be of use in SETI. Another cool thing about SETI is that optical searching’s and experiments are already widely increasing in number and even sophistication. With all of this searching in light and rapid movement, and radio waves some scientists think that we might be getting so close to finding aliens that we could find proof as early as the twenty first century. So pretty much SETI is the search for any other life source such as aliens in our universe. With all of the technology we are way closer and more able to find easier than ever before. If there are aliens we should be able to find them pretty soon Works Cited :

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  • Explains that search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, or seti, is the search to find some sort of extra-territrial intelligence in the universe.
  • Explains that seti is the only way to find out if they are ufo's flown by intelligent life.
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