Genocide : The Most Cruel Crimes That Can Be Committed Towards A Mass Amount Of People

Genocide : The Most Cruel Crimes That Can Be Committed Towards A Mass Amount Of People

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Genocide is one of the most cruel crimes that can be committed towards a mass amount of people. There are many documented genocide historical events, such as the Holocaust, where German Nazi’s belived they were very superior, and so their goal was to eliminate all people that were inferior to them; so they began murdering millions of Jewish people all across Europe, along with many other groups of people such as gypsies, gay people and disabled people. All throughout history the main reason that has caused hatred between people is, ethnic and religious tensions. A more recent example is the Rwandan genocide that occurred in Rwanda, Africa, where the Hutu majority group rebelled against the Tutsi minority group because Belgian colonists gave superiority to the Tutsis. Another very recent example is the Sudan genocide that occurred in Sudan, Africa, due to major religious tensions and competition over natural resources between Muslims and Christians. Ethnic and religious tensions, created by colonial oppression and the competition for resources, led to mass murders in Rwanda and Sudan.
The colonial rule of Belgians in Rwanda, ruined a once peaceful ethnic relationship between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups. The major cause of this genocide was the Belgian colonial oppression which influenced the idea that the Tutsi ethnic group were a superior master race, and the Hutu ethnic group were an inferior race. Ethnic identity cards were issued forcefully to indicate whether someone was a Hutu or a Tutsi; much like in the Holocaust in Europe where Jewish people were forced to wear a yellow star in order to be identified. All the privileges and power was given to the Tutsi minority, and the Hutu majority was suffering from great oppress...

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...n was initially intended. The refugee camps turned into a disaster because more violence occurred in the refugee camps then outside the camps at times. In the “Source: Human Rights Watch, Darfur 2007: Chaos By Design” it explains that, “Darfurians face violence inside camps and villages as part of everyday life as well… There have been numerous cases of robbery, murder, sexual violence, and harassment inside the camps” (Document 10). Because of the increasing competition over oil and ethnic and religious tensions between the Muslims and Christians, a major genocide occurred, simply because two ethnic groups refused to respect each other and work together in order for both sides to benefit. Sudan still remains one of the least developed countries in the world to this day, facing immense poverty, malnutrition, and ethnically based militias murdering hundreds of people.

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