Rwandan Genocide

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Africa has been an interesting location of conflicts. From the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea to the revolutionary conflict in Libya and Egypt, one of the greatest conflicts is the Rwandan Genocide. The Rwandan Genocide included two tribes in Rwanda: Tutsis and Hutus. Upon revenge, the Hutus massacred many Tutsis and other Hutus that supported the Tutsis. This gruesome war lasted for a 100 days. Up to this date, there have been many devastating effects on Rwanda and the global community. In addition, many people have not had many acknowledgements for the genocide but from this genocide many lessons have been learned around the world.

To find the cause of the Rwandan genocide, many people had tried to follow the path of history from the colonialism of Rwanda to the Rwandan genocide. Belgium wanted to expand just like other powerful nations like Great Britain, Spain, and France due to the lack of space and resources provided to each nation in Europe. After the great discovery of Vasco de Gamma, many European ventured towards Africa to colonize territories. After the Berlin Conference of 1884, Belgium had colonized the territory of Rwanda. After colonization, they left the Tutsis in charge as opposed to Hutus because of the fact that the Belgians thought Tutsis had a Caucasian ancestry. After the Rwandan independence, power was given to the Hutus. After the power was given to the Hutus, the Hutus took revenge on the Tutsis which resulted in some killings. In the movie, Hotel Rwanda, President Habyarimana was killed. The killing was blamed on the Tutsis which caused the enraged Hutus to start the Rwandan Genocide. Although the initial cause of the genocide could be Belgian Imperialism, in the movie it was actually the killing...

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... be more aware about conflicts and how to prevent them.

Many lessons could be learned from these conflicts. First off, one must try to make a positive change in one’s surroundings. One should not just leave its environment knowing that he/she can make a positive change to it. During the Rwandan Genocide, the U.N. decided to break their ethics and do the exact opposite. Many soldiers stated that they are peacekeepers not peacemakers. Secondly, people should learn that the decisions they make will carry out throughout their lives and after their lives. The two tribes that went to war with each other did not realize what effects their actions would have on future generations. From these lessons maybe current generations and future generations could learn about the dark historical moments of past generations and how to keep this type of history from repeating itself.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the rwandan genocide included two tribes in rwanda: tutsis and hutus. this gruesome war lasted for a 100 days.
  • Explains that many people tried to follow the path of history from the colonialism of rwanda to the rwandan genocide.
  • Opines that the rwandan genocide could have been prevented and given rwanda a positive outlook if certain measures were taken.
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