Genocide: The Holocaust and Holodomor Essay

Genocide: The Holocaust and Holodomor Essay

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Genocide: The Holocaust and Holodomor

Genocide is a huge problem in today’s society. While there are laws set down to handle cases where genocide occurs, the idea and premise of genocide and all that it entails is still widely debatable. It’s difficult to put a label and definition on a term that, while it has a long history of existence, is very rare and unknown to the common man. When I say rare, genocide only occurs in very extreme cases and situations, but it doesn’t make it any less of a horrible crime.
By definition, genocide is the mass extermination of a whole group of people, or an attempt to destroy an entire group of people, either in whole or in part. Whether it’s based on race, ethnicity, culture, or religion, the systematic destruction of a certain group of people constitutes as genocide. Forced transfer of the children of a group to another in an attempt to destroy a certain group also counts as genocide. Genocide covers a broad spectrum of points, and it’s surprising that so many of these points actually occur in our civilized society, but it does occur.
In this paper, I’ll be focusing on the Holocaust and the genocide in Ukraine, spearheaded by Stalin. The Holocaust is one of the most significant genocides in the history of mankind. (Berger 2007:1). It was significant because it was one of the most organized and systematic genocides ever. The Holocaust also wasn’t limited to only one group of people. It included a whole variety of different races, ethnicities, and cultures. The genocide in Ukraine was led by Stalin, and focused on starving out the Ukrainian people during a time where nationalistic pride was running high. The number of deaths accumulated in the Ukrainian genocide is said to amount from any...

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