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  • The Ukraine Revolution In Ukraine

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    Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, that borders Russia north and northeast. Lately Ukraine has been making international headlines; the country is in complete and total turmoil or for lack of better words a crisis. What started as a request from the Ukrainian citizens for a change in government, limit the powers of the president, restore the country constitution back to its original form from 2004-2010, and get closer ties to the EU. Peaceful protesting turned in to a nightmare, when the

  • The Ukraine Crisis

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    Miles Mitchell Professor Matic POSC 3610 30 March 2014 The Ukraine Crisis I. Introduction The current international crisis involving Russia and Ukraine developed in the aftermath of the 2014 revolution in Ukraine. As a result, Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich was impeached and quickly fled the capital. An interim government formed around Oleksandr Turchynov as the acting president. Germany and the US quickly recognized this new government, while Russia did not. In late February, pro-Russian

  • Crisis in Ukraine

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    The big crisis in Ukraine is starting to get out of hand. The government cannot even figure out what to do, and is getting kicked out of office. There are street protests happening all over Ukraine especially at Kyiv’s Independence Square. There is civil unrest against Yanukovych because he did not do what the people wanted to have. After everything is starting to cool down, Russian troops start to enter the country. The crisis was getting so far out of hand that the US and the EU had to figure out

  • History Of Ukraine

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    Ukraine is the largest nation to come from the former Soviet satellite states and like the rest of the former communist nations, has a large ethnic division between its citizens. To know why Ukraine is so divided and so passionate in regards to its political views we must look back to the basis of ethnic diversity throughout Ukraine’s history. We start our look back at Ukrainian history with a look at Pre-Russian dominant times in the 1600’s. Ukraine at the time was under the control of the Polish

  • Crisis in Ukraine

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    Prior to Russian invasion, civil conflict erupted in Ukraine; the conflicting matter was over Ukraine’s new pro-western leadership. Many were concerned that Ukraine’s fondness of western ideas would prompt the country to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Currently, Ukraine is located in the middle of a new crisis; this time, however, it is not a civil matter. Russia and Ukraine are a in a strife over Crimea. This conflict is particularly concerning because of Crimea’s history. Russian

  • The Crisis in Ukraine

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    Ukraine is an Eastern European country with a population of about 45 million. Before the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, it was called The Ukraine, which means “borderland”. It lies to the west of Russia and to the east of the rest of Europe. For over two centuries, Russia has been trying to make Ukraine more Russian. Ukraine has been torn between the two (Russia and Europe, and more recently, the European Union) for a very long time. West Ukraine speaks native Ukrainian and identifies more

  • Ukraine: Facts

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    Ukraine: Facts Ukraine is a state in Eastern Europe, bounded on the north by Belarus, on the north and east by the Russian Federation, on the west by Poland, Slovakia, on the southwest by Hungary, Rumania, and Moldova, and on the south by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Ukraine includes the Crimean Autonomous Republic, which was elevated from an oblast to a constituent republic in 1991. Kyiv is the capital and largest city. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe after Russia. The

  • The Crisis in Ukraine

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    heard something about Ukraine and Russia. This is not the first time these two countries have been in the news. According to a recent article about Ukraine’s history published by BBC News, Ukraine is a fairly new country. Ukraine was a part of Russia until the end 1991when Ukraine voted to become independent from Russia (“Ukraine Profile – Timeline”). This separation from Russia made Ukraine the second largest country in all of Europe (“Ukraine Profile – Overview”). Ukraine and Russia have had some

  • Protests in Ukraine in 2013

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    deadly protests in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev which lasted for months. The protesters were that of pro-European Ukrainians and President Yanukovych is pro-Russia. The protests got so out of control that President Yanukovych felt the need to flee from Ukraine and head to Russia for his safety. Although the Ukrainian government felt that the protests were unnecessary which led to many deaths and injuries upon protesters and bystanders, the protesters had the right to protest against the Ukrainian government

  • Analysis Of Ukraine Crisis

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    Primary Source Analysis My primary source is a report of the causes of the Ukraine crisis and the current situation in Ukraine. The cause of this crisis is complicated. First of all, the country has been struggling with its identity sin the independence. Ukraine only has a population of 45 million people but it has been struggled to deal with its internal conflicts. It fails to build a strong political party, to overcome corruption or complete some kinds of economic reform. All of its president tend