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Generation Gap and Marriage Essay

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(I don’t like the sound of the Intro rethink the first sentence) the generational gap happens with each generation born within our society. In the recent times this gap has started to show an increase towards common law marriage and away from legal marriages. This is the idea (What idea?) of the generation gap that the children change because of things the new generations have seen their parents go through. About one third of today’s young adults who marry will devorce before they reach their 10th anniversary.” (BjorkLund, 2011, p. 153). So a child that has witnessed a divorce later on may not wish to get married and sometimes may need psychological help. Religion has also changed the views that people have on marriage making it easier for people to get divorced. Many of the younger generations are not as religious as the older generation do to the many varieties of religion and choices available. The last thing about marriage that could be a concern is cost. It can cost a lot of money for people to get married that most are unable to afford so they go into debt. One one of the leading factors for cohabitation is the tax savings couples can get by declaring their cohabitation, as well as the economy effecting the cost of living.

Divorce was (frowned) never allowed in the past due to religion, but over time our societies had changed and the churches were forced to allow some reasons for divorce. In (dates wrong 1986) the beginning of the 1960s divorce rates had increased” substantially, “although in the early 1990s it had begun to decline” (Steinberg, 2014, p. 138). In 2008 then Canadian government declared that 40.7% of marriages wouldn’t last till their tenth anniversary. This had started to create a change in family structur...

... middle of paper ... risen, so has the cost of getting married in Canada. On average cost for a wedding is $32,358. That is a large expense for people to put into the celebration for one day. That if statics are right won’t even last till the 10th anniversary. This money can be put into many different places; these places could be going towards a house, car, vacations, or children. This cost can be fairly expensive for a piece of paper that says you are married. The couples that cohabitate will also have a easier time separating If they wish to live a childless life. To some that piece of paper and the celebration they have it matters to their people, because of their beliefs and values, but to other they may not have the same beliefs and values.

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