Gender Stratification Of China 's One Child Policy Essay

Gender Stratification Of China 's One Child Policy Essay

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E.) Gender Stratification/pg.288: males’ and females’ unequal access to property, power, and prestige.

Gender Stratification is evident throughout the film about China’s one child policy. We see that there is a very unequal access to property, power, and prestige between men and women. In the Chinese society men are viewed as better than females and are the preferred parent of most couples in China. This is mainly due to the fact that men are traditionally the ones to stick around and work and support the aging parents in a form of “social security”. The women traditionally get married and move away and are not there to support the parents in the way that men are. This has caused the favoritism of the baby boy because the couples are looking to solidify their future and are looking out for themselves for the road ahead. This is the root of the cause of the gender stratification among males and females in China. Since women are viewed as unequal and baby girls are often unwanted by parents there is a sort of stigma that surrounds the Chinese woman in her society. They are not seen as equals to men and they are often socially unequal as well. The men have all the power and prestige in their society. Baby girls are often abandoned or killed so that they can have another child in the hopes that there is going to be a baby boy. We see this unequal access to power evident in the scene where the Chinese woman talks about how her husband threatened to send her away if she did not give him a baby boy. Gender stratification is a very large problem in China and has recently been decreased in level. New ideas about women’s right and worth have sprung up in China are spreading through the country in the hopes of equaling the unequal access th...

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...dren are generally the ones to take care of the parents when they age, girls usually get married and move away

3. What is not a problem that the one child policy has created?
a. Boys heavily outnumber girls
b. They do not have enough workforce to replace the aging one
c. The economy is having trouble
d. Girls are often killed, abandoned, and aborted to get a boy
C, because the one child policy has not yet shown effects on the economy

4. How are they trying to reverse the negative side effects of the one child policy?

a. Classes on family planning
b. Educating people that women are as equal as men
c. Relaxation of the One Child Policies limitations
d. All of the above
D, because all of them are ways in which the Chinese people are doing today to try to reverse the bad effects of the One Child Policy. They do all of them to try to change things for the better.

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