China's Lost Girls

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1. Social and Cultural Within China China developed into a patriarchy society, on page 445 patriarchy is defined as a group in which men-as-a-group dominates women-as-a-group; authority is vested in males. China has over four thousand years of culture and history, being one of the oldest societies in the world. With the population of China growing out of control, China took drastic measures to get a control on the amount of people being born in China. With their being around four billion people living in the world, one in five of the total population resides in China. Food and medicine became scarce and something had to be done. Laws were put into effect that families could only have one child, and if the laws were broken families would face large fines. This became the largest population effort in history, and could be the cause of devastation on China in the near future. Instantly males became the preferred gender over females, and families would take drastic measures if they had a female first. But why is male preferred over female? Because males carry on the family name and males work to help pay bills and never leave, but instead stay to support the family. Females would be given away, sold, abandoned, or even worse, killed, to prevent being fined for having two children. This is the reason why majority of adoptions from China are baby girls. Every baby girls has a story, whether abandoned in a park, or left in the market, each has a tragic start to life. And with only 100,000 baby girls a year being tracked, what is happening to the rest of the babies? Are they being sold, given away? Maybe sweat shops, or human trafficking is the answer. None of the babies have social workers, so their stories are questionable. It could b... ... middle of paper ... ...gender, but maybe because the family can’t afford the baby, or are simply not ready for a baby. In America woman have babies more often without thought because they are not regulated, but in China the pressure is on because the women have to have a male on their first try or face fines or having to give up their female baby. It is not uncommon to see American families with five or more children, but in China they had no option to expand their family. Maybe American families take for granite the natural right to decide how large to grow their family, but most children are still sacred and raised in love based families. In China males are placed ahead of females and raised to still believe male babies are priority. There is no doubt that the cultural beliefs in China versus the beliefs in America are different, but the beliefs in China were forced not chosen. //374//
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