Gender Socialization: Should A University Implement e-Learning Program?

Gender Socialization: Should A University Implement e-Learning Program?

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1. Greg Jackson claims that creating an e-Learning business will be the best investment for Kochville State University. What are the strengths and/or limitations of Greg Jackson’s position on this matter?
Greg Jackson’s proposal regarding creating an e-learning start-up is compelling but it presents both pros and cons for KSU. On the positive side, the e-learning environment is a frontier environment yet to be fully realized. According to President Drake memorandum the e-Learning environment will help propel KSU to achieve its goal of being a leading institution in utilization of technology for education field (Document A, 2014). Jackson referred to the opportunity to establish the e-Learning program as the “Gatorade” or Kochville State University meaning that the potential exists to create a significant amount of wealth for the university much in the way the University of Florida did with promoting the sports drink Gatorade in the past (Document B, 2014). Additionally, future trends in the e-Learning industry suggest rapidly expanding technological advances will average more than 23% over the next four years (Document F, 2013). The growth at this level and other factors presented indicates the industry is going to continue to advance and expand the opportunity exponentially around the world.
On the negative side, investment in the e-Learning program is perceived by some as self-centered and philosophically against KSU’s values. According to DeAngelis (2011), technology is elevates and promotes fear from parents who believe their children’s overinvestment in the technology for socialization and other means is creating potential for harm (Document H, 2011). Some of the fears are based on user abuses or misuse of the technology fo...

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