How the Internet Affects Children

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Children of all ages everywhere these days seem to only depend on the internet. The internet is an amazing creation, but people take advantage of it. Since there is internet there is access to all kinds of social media, games, and all sorts of other things. However, because of today’s society internet is one of the only things kids use and go on, whether it’s go on Facebook for hours or watch ridiculous videos on YouTube, the internet is taking a negative turn towards children, their brains, smartness, and attitude. Despite helpful or early learning programs, the internet does not make children smarter.
The recent outbreak in the growth of social media, smart phones, tablets, and any other internet allowing device does in fact impact the youth school wise and at home. According to statistics CNN has gathered (Chelsea Clinton and James P. Steyer, is the internet hurting children, at 5 years old more than 50% of kids go on the computer and or tablets. Starting to use the internet at such a young age slows down the child’s learning ability, they should be practicing to sound out words and learn to write letters, but because of the internet that makes it a lot harder than how it should be. My mother, Gina Steiman, who is a Board Certified Adult Health Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Health and a Board Certified Advanced Practice Public Health Nurse, who works as a school nurse and at a college based urgent care health center noticed that :
The capacity for reasoning and searching from a variety of sources, as well as the reliability of analyzing the sources is no longer a skill this generation has.
Instead, internet and other mainstream media became a tool...

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... much from their kids and the child feels they can’t achieve to their parents’ expectation, then it causes them to have a negative look at school, academics and left with no motivation to do well.

The internet is full of many things that could make us smarter. However, the internet is full of websites, games, even photos that could very likely have a negative effect on children and their behaviors. Also their education, speech could become affected and they could start doing badly in school or start cursing at a young age. Another thing is that their attitude towards life changes, instead of seeing it as their own giant happy playground they can view it as a very bitter and cold place and start looking, feeling, and talking negatively.

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