Essay on Gender Equality Within The Workplace

Essay on Gender Equality Within The Workplace

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Gender equality within the workplace has made tremendous strides. With each passing year more and more women are entering the workforce and more and more organizations are being recognized for their women friendly policies, practices, and procedures. The reality is, we are far from equality. Men and women continue to play on the same team, but with very different rules. Women enter the workforce matching and some even surpassing men in regard to intelligence, education, passion, and drive, yet very few women can break through the invisible barrier that is known as the “glass ceiling”.
A CNN money analysis was conducted on the top five leadership positions of companies in the S&P 500, and revealed that only 14.2% were held by women. Even more staggering, this analysis also showed only 24 CEO positions were held by women. The remaining top four positions include Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and other major key players of an organization. Sadly, women in these positions came in at only 16.5%.

One major excuse for this statistic that is used time and time again is simply to blame it on the hiring demographics. If Women are not selected for top management positions, it must be due to the fact that qualified women were not part of the applicant pool. Or is it? What could possibly be contributing factors to such a low statistic?

Throughout my education I have had male as well as female professors, both of which have made a lasting impression on my education. However, I have never had a job where my boss was female, nor have I ever worked for an organization with a female CEO. So what’s the deal? Let’s explore some possible reasons.

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... women?

As a society, we have come so far from the implementation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that “prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individual’s race, color religious beliefs, sex, or national origin.” However, we still have a long road to travel. We can continue to speculate the many reasons women face the invisible barrier known as the “glass ceiling” or we can start to understand each individual reason for these barriers and address them accordingly. Hopefully, one day we can start building doorways instead of walls. Hopefully, one day it will be considered normal for women to make up at minimum, half of all CEO positions. Hopefully, one day we will advance in our careers due to our knowledge, education, passion and drive. Career advancement based on whether you wear pants or a skirt, will be a thing of the past. Hopefully. One day.

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