Gender, Discrimination, And Discrimination Essay

Gender, Discrimination, And Discrimination Essay

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On a daily basis people are exposed to some sort of misrepresentation of gender; in the things individuals watch, and often the things that are purchased. Women are often the main target of this misrepresentation. “Women still experience actual prejudice and discrimination in terms of unequal treatment, unequal pay, and unequal value in real life, then so too do these themes continue to occur in media portraits.”(Byerly, Carolyn, Ross 35) The media has become so perverted, in especially the way it represents women, that a females can be handled and controlled by men, the individual man may not personally feel this way, but that is how men are characterized in American media. Some may say it doesn’t matter because media isn’t real life, but people are influenced by everything around them, surroundings that are part of daily routine start to change an individual’s perspective.
A common trope that is used in television today in American culture is the stereotype of an unattractive, commonly goofy looking man, whereas his significant other is very attractive. This is demonstrated in Saturday Night Live’s: “Live Report” it portrays a couple that was present during a natural disaster. The wife is played by Margot Robbie and the husband Mickey Day. Mickey Day is dressed in plaid and Crocks, whereas Margot Robbie is in a form fitting pencil dress and stilettos. Throughout the entire skit the reporter cannot comprehend why such a beautiful woman is with such a goofy and unattractive man, instead of actually covering the news story. The entire newscast hint and straight-out ask if Mickey Day is wealthy or intelligent, or if he has something sexually desirable. This skit shows how the media portrays women, as if they have to be benefitting ...

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...l part of whom she sees herself to be.” (Jean Kilbourne)
Media may not come straightforward and say men are superior and women inferior, but that is how gender is represented in media today. Human beings are not immune to media’s tropes, no matter how small they are influenced and somehow changed by what they watch and see. This is evident in their actions, speech, and habits. Media insinuates and teaches individuals that women are always available as an aggressive outlet, women are inferior to men and thus are dominated only existing to fulfill the needs of men. (Kilbourne) It isn’t just shameful that American culture has become so perverse; it’s especially shameful because individuals support and uphold the corruption, because people do nothing to invoke change. Individuals are responsible for what they consume, which is directly linked to what is sold and aired.

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