Women and their Misogynistic View in American Culture and Media

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The media influences many aspects of American society. Media affects sexuality, gender roles, and family structure. The images of gender projected through the media correlates with gender norms held in society. The media demonstrates a misogynistic view towards women. Women, statistically, interact with media more than men and are exposed to the images the media promotes. Media distorts how women should look, their role in society, and sexuality. Despite the negative images presented in the media, these beliefs can change. The role of women in society has been promoted as subservient and inferior to men. This concept is still upheld as a standard. Women are less likely, “consulted as ‘experts’” (Lee and Shaw 67) on a topic than male counterparts. Women not being regarded as “experts” (Lee and Shaw 67) reinforces women as inferior to men. In the media men are regarded as “spokesperson” (Lee and Shaw 67); this idea are competent and trustworthy to represent a product. Society labels women as incompetent and does not accept women having authority. The lack of women holding authoritative positions reveals the discomfort American society feels with women and power. This concept has persisted throughout time; women are seen as inadequate to males. In the media news women are substantially “underrepresented” (Lee and Shaw 67). The trend presents women as undesired and disassociated from society. The disassociation implies to women they are not valued. The under representation of women in the media enforces a patriarchal society. The society is represented by men. Stories in the media associate women with “family, looks, or romance” (Lee and Shaw 67). Those stories enforce the view of women being care givers and only valued for physical... ... middle of paper ... ...the images of women are presented through technology. Women can easily access negative images through technological aspects. Advertisements, the internet, celebrities and other technology present women in sexualized and demeaning manners. Showing women in positive manners can shift the negative image of women and empower their role in society. Women have been placed in the role of undesired in a male dominated world. Media has presented the idea that women should be subservient and inferior to men. Women are sexualized and degraded in American society. These images are accepted as the norms of the society. The images influence sexuality, societal roles, and the physical appearance. Pessimistic thoughts of women can change through technology. Although more images of positive role models are presented in society, women still are presented in submissive roles.
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