Gender and Music Preference Essay

Gender and Music Preference Essay

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Gender and Music Preference
There are so many different forms and genres of music that people admire. Even older genres that have seemed to die out still have fans such as disco or polka. Many researchers discuss why people favor the music that they do. This has been a popular topic in music research considering how important music has become in everyday life. Music is played in the car, on the internet, on cellphones, and even behind commercials on television. It is hard to imagine a world without it.
Now there are many reasons discussed about why people prefer one kind of music over another, such as one’s age. One’s age could determine what music was popular when they were a kid, or what genres they have been around to experience. Age is an undeniable factor when also considering how much music changes from generation to generation. For example, before the technology of mp3 players came along, music was carried through CDs and tape cassettes. One can now hold and transfer thousands of songs on just one mp3 player. It has become so easy now to have all of one’s favorite music right able to fit in a pocket. Age is just one of countless factors that can be considered. Another thought is that music preference is something formed in the mind. This idea seems very believable considering how catchy patterns and repeated beats are so easily remembered. Some believe that another factor that could be part of determining musical preference is ethnicity, or even the cultures one grows up in. I however think that gender plays a major role in the selected preferences of a musical listener. If a male listener was to tell his friends his favorite music was by Justin Bieber, would his friends take him seriously? Nothing against Justin Bieber...

... middle of paper ... these gender stereotypes will not matter, but for now they still seem to have an effect.

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