The Fundamentals Of A Competitive Dance Essay examples

The Fundamentals Of A Competitive Dance Essay examples

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“I think most people don 't really understand all that it takes to stand on your toes, and to be able to jump and land without any noise, or for a male dancer to be able to lift a girl. All of these things look so effortless, but there 's an attention to detail and years of training, as well as being able to transform into a character and being able to meld all of those things together.” Misty Copeland, world renowned ballet dancer, stated this to voice that there are many components in dance that most people don’t realize. People see a dance as a whole and don’t think about all of the important pieces that go into it. The fundamentals of a competitive dance include choreography, technique, dedication, and competition, which are just as important as the finished product.
To begin, choreography sets the tone of the dance and catches the judges’ and/or audience’s attention, but most people don’t understand all that goes into it. The hardest part is striking a balance between using sure-thing moves that are well known and adding unique, untested moves. Using too many well known moves risks being disqualified for possible plagiarism, yet it’s impossible to reinvent each dance with only original moves. Another important element of choreography is the transitions in a dance. Transitions move the dancers from formation to formation in a creative way. Transitions need to flow naturally so your dance doesn’t look choppy and is pleasing to the eye. They need to be so smooth that you barely even notice them when they happen. Part of choreography is emitting emotions that correlate with the theme of the dance. It is important to act out the dance with your facials so that the judges and audience members feel a connection to the dance. A dan...

... middle of paper ... built from key components that many people don’t think about. One of these components is the choreography in a dance. The choreography needs to be unique and eye catching, and the dancers need to perform it in perfect unison. Another component is technique and strength used to perform a dance move. It takes years for dancers to practice and perfect their technique, and it takes lots of strength for dancers to be able to use that technique properly. With (When) spending all of that time on perfecting technique, as well as dances, dancers need a lot of dedication to the sport. The last component is the competition and pressure within teams. Dancers are constantly competing for that center spot and even if they do get it, they must continue to fight to stay there. More goes into dance than just what meets the eye. There’s more to dance than what meets the eye.

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