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Ballet is an athletic art form that utilizes muscle control, flexibility, and physical strength. It requires extreme discipline from the dancers and takes an extreme amount of mental concentration. This discipline causes dancers to have success throughout life and specifically in academic studies. There are many ways that dance can affect the success of a person’s life; however, there are two in specific that make dancers generally more successful. To begin, ballet causes dancers to be self-motivated workers; dancers cannot rely on others to push them to be better, but must have the drive within themselves. Ballerinas will never improve if they fall back into old, mundane, and routine habits. They must push themselves outside of their comfort zone in order to build stronger muscles, increase flexibility, and dance with increased grace. This self-motivation to be better helps dancers to be more successful in school, due to the fact that they have the inner drive to study, get the…show more content…
This happens because ballerinas are forced to pick up choreography that is thrown at them in just minutes. Although, ballerinas do not start out with a brain that is ready and capable to remember information and the snap of a finger, their ability to do this grows over years and years in training. This leads to success in academic studies because the brain of a dancer has the ability to look at information and remember it with rapid speed. Their brains have been trained to work at extremely high speeds and this translates into their studies. This allows ballerinas to perform well on tests, quizzes, and exams because of their capability to take information and store it into their brain with exorbitant speed. This skill will not just affect school life, but any ventures after school, as well. Ballerinas will be able to recall directions given to them in a career or instructions from a boss on how to complete a

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