Functions Of A Service Desk Essay

Functions Of A Service Desk Essay

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 Service desk
The service desk is one of four ITIL functions and is predominantly linked with the Service Operation lifecycle stage. Responsibilities include hold requests and incidents, and providing an interface for other ITSM methods
Prime determinations of a service desk contain:
Incident control: life-cycle administration of all service requests
Communication: keeping a customer up-to-date of improvement and counseling on workarounds
The three types of structure for consideration:
 Local service desk: to meet local business needs – applied only until several sites needing provision services are involved
 Central service desk: for organizations having several sites – decreases functioning prices and expands usage of available means
 Virtual service desk: for organizations having multi-country sites – can be located and get into from anywhere in the world due to progresses in network performance and telecommunications, reducing functioning costs and improving usage of available resources

 Application management
ITIL application management incorporates a set of best performs planned to increase the overall quality of IT software development and support through the life-cycle of software development projects, with certain consideration to collecting and describing requirements that meet business objectives.
 IT operations management
ICT operations management delivers the day-to-day technical command of the ICT infrastructure. Frequently disordered with the role of incident management from service support, operations has a more practical preference and is anxious not merely with incidents described by users, but with events produced by or documented by the infrastructure
 Technical Management
Information and Co...

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...rt staff must be equipped with a supporting knowledge management process that can confirm the effective sharing of knowledge across service operations staff.
5. The Increasing Demand for and Shift to Omnichannel Support
Users want access to IT support services around the clock, in a way they choose. IT is striving to raise the customer service level while holding the line on, or reducing costs. These are the factors for the shift to Omnichannel Support.
6. The Transition from PCs to Mobile Devices and Apps
IT support center of the future must effectively and efficiently support remote and mobile workers, using BYOD devices, operating cloud-based applications.
7. The Explosion of Apps Taking the Place of Desktop Applications
IT support will have to be positioned to support many more apps on mobile platforms of al types as apps will grow and applications will shrink.

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