Flint, Michigan And Their Recent Water Crisis Essay

Flint, Michigan And Their Recent Water Crisis Essay

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This past year we have been hearing about Flint, Michigan and their recent water crisis. A lot of us have only looked as deep as our Facebook post about this city’s recent tragedy. As humans we need to help our fellow Americans out. We need to find out who is responsible for this lead outbreak, what events contributed to this contamination, who is the lead outbreak affecting the most, and what can be done to help the people of Flint in their time of need. The only thing the people of Flint can do is sit back and watch their city decay before their very eyes, unable to do anything about that.
While doing my research I discovered that the city of Flint, Michigan had a great reputation back before the city took a downhill spiral for the worse. The city was known for its rich history of lumbering in the late 1800’s and later in the 1900’s Flint was known as the “Vehicle City” the city was booming with automobile manufacturing companies. It was in the mid-2000’s that the city became known for its high crime rates. Since that time, Flint has been ranked among the "Most Dangerous Cities in the United States", with a violent crime rate higher than the national average. Flint was so much more back then compared to what they are now; I know this is a side note but, Flint kind of reminds me of Chester because that’s exactly how the history is here. The town was booming with jobs and money and then it went downhill after a series of unfortunate events.
First, we’re going go into detail about who may have been responsible for this lead outbreak. Some of the people have said that the Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the state government is to be blamed for not catching this contamination sooner. Governor Rick Snyder is claiming this is a ...

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...en of Flint is Save the Children they have been assisting families and child care providers with children from newborn to 8 years old and pregnant women by making sure they have access to healthy food and early childhood development programs. The organization has helped more than 11,000 people in Flint, including more than 3,000 children. That is the one thing I was super ecstatic to find that there are people there helping the single parents and children that need it the most in this cities time of need.
In conclusion, I found out a lot about this town and everything that lead up to this very crisis. This town is so much more then this water and lead tragedy, they are families wanting way more for their children and future. I was so happy there were so many ways to help them in their time of despair. The city of Flint will thrill again it’s just a matter of time.

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