Five Tips to Make A Relationship Last Essay example

Five Tips to Make A Relationship Last Essay example

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Five Tips to Make A Relationship Last

A relationship can be successful if couples put their full effort in making the relationship work. It's a two-way street: The love you get from your partner is the love they get from you and vice versa. A relationship that works and lasts is one hard yet satisfying work but never a routine.

How you can make yours work and stand the test of time and trials? Here are five tips:

Be good at your role as a partner

Be a good boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Being a good partner is about being a good companion to the person you dearly love, a great buddy to the one who give up a few things in their life just to be with you. Be the person whom they feel comfortable sharing their problems with and releasing their emotions. Be their shoulder to lean on, their life's anchor and their source of strength. Yes, be someone to remind them that they made the right choice in choosing you.

Respect them

Compatibility is not the only key factor in a successful relationship. There is respect, and it is this key factor that can help keep th...

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