How to Maintain a Successful Marriage

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1129 words

Recent studies have revealed that relationships/marriages fail significantly due to the main

reasons such as finical issues, trust issues, and communication.

In society today all people try to find love, someone to be their soul mate, someone

they wish to spend the rest of their life with and feel happy.

Unfortunately it does not seem to work out that way most of the time, there are a few

key reason’s to why that is.

This essay will explain all the important key’s to remember in your marriage/relationship

so you can have a happy successful life.

Mary Mendel writes, “NEXT TO HAVING CHILDREN, getting married is

perhaps the most important event in anyone’s life. But for many men and women, what

began as a promising ( relationship all too frequently break down.”

(Mary Mendel, 20)

1. Communication

Communication plays a big role in marriage/relationships, If you cannot

communicate with your spouse about certain issues you feel you have then you will get

nowhere, it is best to try and talk about thing’s instead of turning it into a argument


Everything leads back to communication.

Mary Mendel writes, “ A good marriage takes a lot of work on the part of both

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that in society today all people try to find love, someone to be their soul mate.
  • Opines that unfortunately it doesn't seem to work out that way most of the time.
  • Opines that for many men and women, the most important event in their lives is the wedding.
  • Opines that they would not be in the best business if they didn't believe that the way we look at love and love is flawed.
  • Explains that if a spouse is spending too much or not working at all, try to come to an agreement.
  • Explains how to split everything up evenly so it is fair from both sides.
  • Explains that even the marriage course an eight-session a video study produced by the people who put together.
  • Explains that instead of admitting i've gained weight, we assume he thinks i’m fat, or he’s ogling.
  • Opines that instead of i'm disappointed that i don't earn more, we think she's out late helping that.
  • Opines that one-down feeling can lead us to try to regain the advantage by behaving in a positive manner.
  • Opines that a small item from the store on the way home from work can be useful, even if it is small.
  • Recommends telling your spouse you love them every night before falling asleep, and never go to bed.
  • Opines that it is a good thing to think something through before starting an argument.
  • Opines that if you can have good communication, trust, and respect for each other, you should be successful.
  • Opines that issues can be resolved if you love your spouse and respect them.
  • Explains that marriage/relationships are earned not given, and the more you put in, the better it will turn out.
  • Advises to try and talk about things with your spouse instead of turning it into an argument.
  • Opines that a good marriage requires work on the part of both partners, and both need to be in agreement that they will do the necessary work.
  • Reports that one in three first marriages end in divorce within 10 years, but their paths to breaking up differ, clinical psychologist justin lavner of ucla reported jan 29.
  • Explains that trust is something most people have a hard time gaining due to the fact of false hope.
  • Advises couples to trust their spouses if they feel like they are hiding something, tell them they're feeling, and let them know how their actions are making them feel.
  • Recommends keeping a journal to track your daily "wins" and positive attributes.
  • Opines that if you are passing by your partner, stop them and give them a random hug or kiss, this can make them feel happy.
  • Opines that it is a good thing to just bite your tongue and walk away from an argument that may start up, instead of coming back at your spouse with hurtful words.
  • Advises people to live every single day as if it were their last day with their spouse.
  • Recommends taking time out with your spouse, whether it’s going out to dinner and a movie, or just movie night at home, alone time.
  • Analyzes medland, mary, strathdee, mike, bower, bruce, and mcintosh, claire.
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