The First Day I Saw A Saxophone Essay

The First Day I Saw A Saxophone Essay

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September 1st, 2000 was the first day I saw a saxophone. It was the first day of school and my first time at Hampton Street School in Mineola, NY. The first day of the fourth grade in a new town should have been more nerve-racking for me, but it was my thirds school in three years. By that time I considered myself an expert on saying goodbye to friends I had just made and hello to friends I would make. My parents had always been hard workers since we moved to New York from Hyderabad, India. Unfortunately for me it meant they were always busy and always moving to where their job took them. At ten years old, I was too young to understand it; I just went where they went and started fresh every time.
Hampton Street School was a public school like any of the others I had been to. Nothing seemed different from my other first day, new kid on the block experiences. We had homeroom, like any other homeroom. We recited the pledge of allegiance and took attendance, all standard protocol. Then the entire fourth grade was sent into the cafeteria. I didn’t think anything of it; it would probably be your standard first day of school assembly. When we arrived what awaited us was not a principal and a podium. Along the cafeteria tables there were rows of different shiny music instruments. The brass and silver gleamed in the early sunlight and the excitement of the other students spread to even the sleepiest of kids. I was thrilled by the thought of being able to own one of those intricately made instruments. The directions the teachers gave were simple: look around and pick one. There was a rush of students all wandering around trying to decide what instrument they would commit to learning for the next year. I went into that experience with littl...

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... inherent characteristic of music. Music is a powerful tool that allows students to learn skills such as practice, teamwork, leadership, and commitment, but most importantly music allows students to express themselves. As Wolk states “There is a special pride in bringing an original idea to fruition. It empowers us and encourages us; it helps us appreciate the demanding process of creating something from nothing” (Wolk 23). In my own experience this was the all important factor in my process of learning to love music. In that fourth grade class I started with no idea how to even use a saxophone but I left there inspired to put in the work required to create something beautiful. All of the scales, breathing techniques, embouchures, and musical theories that I learned through the years allow me to express my thoughts and emotions through the universal medium of music.

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