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  • Sir Gawain Preparing Himself and His Neck

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    Sir Gawain Preparing Himself and His Neck Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, written by an anonymous fourteenth-century poet, describes the Arthurian legend about the Green Knight’s game with Sir Gawain. Now almost a year passes since the Green Knight has started a friendly challenge of a blow for a blow. And it is time for Sir Gawain to prepare and to meet the Green Knight to receive his strike. Sir Gawain sees how the people around him care for him and wish he didn’t have to go. He probably

  • Evaluation of a modified neck snare to live-capture coyotes

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    Hudson and A.R. Gaboury. 2002. Evaluation of a modified neck snare to live-capture coyotes. Wildlife Society bulletin. 30(2):508-516. Many researchers opt for the most humane and safe techniques when obtaining live animals for study. A variety of devices are employed in the trapping of coyotes (Canis latrans), one option being the neck snare. Since all trapping methods have their dangers, researchers in the article “Evaluation of a modified neck snare to live-capture coyotes,” are motivated to improve

  • Assessing the Role of HPV in Head and Neck Carcinoma Formation

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    In 2009, 650,000 new cases of head and neck cancer were diagnosed around the world03; in the United States, this cancer subset has the fifth highest incidence and the sixth highest mortality among all types of cancer05. The risk factors associated with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (herein, HNSCC) have changed drastically over the last thirty years – now, more individuals are being diagnosed with diseases linked to HPV, rather than alcohol or tobacco use01,02,03,04,05. This burden is borne

  • Neck Pain

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    Neck pain is defined as pain between the occiput and third thoracic vertebrae (Cote et al., 2003) and is a common debilitating condition (Carroll et al., 2008). It is estimated 30-50% of all adults will develop neck pain at some point in their lives and of those affected, 11-14% will experience a degree of work-related limitation (Cote et al., 2008). Studies conducted in South African settings reported that the prevalence of neck pain was 50% in the Caucasian population and 45% in the indigenous

  • Neck Guards In Hockey

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    Malarchuk c. Bill Masterton II. History of Equipment a. Pre 1950 b. 1960-1970 c. 1970-1980 d. 1980-1990 e. 1990-2000 III. Current Equipment regulations a. Neck Guards b. Helmets c. Goalie masks IV. Neck Guard Debate a. Pros b. Cons Conclusions: Will it take a death to make NHL officials change there minds on the policies regarding neck guards like they did with helmets after the death of Bill Masterton. Are current equipment regulations enough to keep our hockey athletes safe? I ask

  • Description of the Shubb Capo

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    connected, the neck brace (figure #2), which is the piece that secures the capo to the neck of the instrument, the pivoting lock mechanism (figure #1) that works with the locking screw, to force the neck brace to the back of the neck of the instrument, and the protective rubber arm (figure #4) that fits over the string bar to pad the fret board and strings to prevent marking (note: see diagram to match figure numbers). The four main parts that make up the Shubb Capo are: the main frame, the neck brace,

  • how do image and sound create meaning and what other functions does so

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    across row. cast on 24 sts. now 98 sts. row 2: p across row. row 3: rep rows 1 & 2 to 4” above last cast on sts. last row is right side neck: row 1: work 39 sts. Slip to stitch holder. BO 20 sts for neck. Work remaining 39 sts. •     row 2: work on the 39 sts for 4 rows in stockinette stitch (st st). •     row 6: work across row. inc 1 st at end of row for neck edge, and 1 st at same edge every other row 2 times more. now 42 sts. •     next row: work 42 sts for 2 rows in st st. cast on 9 sts at end

  • Coparison Between Two Guitars: Ibanez 453 Rvc And The Gibson Les Paul

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    heavy metal as opposed to the Ibanez which is excellent for hard rock and heavy metal. Going further up the guitar, you have what are called the pickups. A pickup is a really sensative box that is attached to the body in between the bottom of the neck and the bottom of the bridge. The purpose of a pickup is to "pick up" the sounds of the notes or chords that are being strummed. There are many different types of pickups; for instance, the Gibson Les Paul has pickups that are called Humbuckers, which

  • Dystonia Will Not Control My Life

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    People with Dystonia are different then people without it because thay are sometimes not able to do the same physical activities. For example a "normal" person can drive a car, a person with spasmodic torticollis, a form of dystonia that affects the neck and shoulders, might have dystonia so badly that they can't watch the road long enough to control the car. Whom does Dystonia affect? Around half a million people suffer from Dystonia in the United States (O'Connor). It is estimated that 6% of

  • Makeup for Performers

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    applied a moisturizer from The Body Shop for normal to greasy skin. I left the moisturizer on my skin for 10 minutes to make sure there won't be any staining on the skin from the makeup. I applied the base makeup to the face and the neck; I applied it to the neck as it is an important part of the aging process. The colour I used for my base makeup was 5w in the Kryolan skin tone palate, and I used a laytex sponge to apply. I then started by put my shading lines on to my face, using a mix of