Stages Of The Helping Process Essay

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1. Why is an understanding of the stages of the helping process important?

I think that understanding each stage will not only help you to better understand what the

client needs but to also help the client to understand each step that they will/need to take

to help themselves. Just going into a meeting with a client and not understanding the steps

that it will take to help them will only hurt them. They need to better understand what got

them in the situation that they are in, and to know how to get them out. By doing the steps

that it talks about in the book you not only outline what they need to do but you also help

them make the decisions that need to be made, and ways that they can make those

decisions. First a case manager
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They have to want to do it. You can’t make them do it; you can

only show them how they can do it. Be patient, not judgmental with each one. The final

step would be the closing step. All your work is done with you home. You’ve showed them

how to build a strong foundation. Strong walls, roof, and showed them how to deal with

issues that will try to tear them down. But in the end they are still standing. Some will fall

but you can only hope that one day when they are ready to help themselves they will make

those steps back to you or another social worker and the help will be there to show them

how to make their house strong again. With this step you work with the client to show

them what they have done and how they will continue to do as long as they use the tools

that they learned to use.

2. What is the main task of the first stage of helping?

The way that I understand it by establishing a working relationship with the client it is going

to help in many ways. You’re not just setting down and say hi my name is, and asking why

are you here? You are getting to know the new client. Getting to know the history of the

client, and what lead them to you. Once they are in your office you as their case
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Getting to know your client will only help you to better know how you can help them, and

what you can help them achieve. You will also encounter those clients that are there

involuntary. Knowing how to handle these clients will only help you in your future. Know

that not everyone wants to come see you. Knowing that not everyone is want help, they are

there because they have to be. That is where you as a social worker need to know how to

deal with those clients. You still have to deal with them, so do your best at what you can do.

Stay strong with your values and show them in your best way that you are there to honestly

help them.

You will want to help them to create a working change in their life that they need. Show

them the tools that they already have and show them how they can use them. Building that

strong bond with them will show them that there is someone out there who is willing to

help them and not just brush them under the rug. I just have to say this at this point, I know

that once I get into this field that I will have clients that do not want to be in my office. But I

will do everything in my power to show them that I am there to help them. That I will
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