Ten Week Daily Practice Routine

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Around the country many younger trumpet students have started playing the trumpet with a lack of formal teaching other than their band directors. Trumpet students that are not receiving private instructions are often not expose to proper practice and fundamental techniques that will help them develop at a relatively quicker pace. Because of this, many students will develop bad playing habit that can take months or more to fix. In many cases young trumpet students are also not aware of the bad habits they are creating which can be worse than the bad habits themselves. This project will provide beginning trumpet students with a basic daily practice routine for those who don't have access to a trumpet teacher. This project will be aimed for your typical middle school trumpet student who has been playing at least a year in band or privately. This project will give them a weekly schedule full of exercises that they can do each day to help them establish a solid foundation for their trumpet playing. This project will also give the student helpful instructions as they go through each exercise.

As you look at the practice chart it's divided into a ten week practice routine. The student should try to follow the weekly chart every day of the week. The goal of the weekly chart is to gradually improve on the same weekly exercises each day before moving to the next group of weekly exercises. Students should not feel discourage if they don't feel that have mastered each study by the end of the week they must remember that it is a process. Perfect is irrelevant, better is perfect!

H.L. Clarke-Technical Studies for the Cornet

Students should begin each Clarke exercise at a slow tempo to focus on sound production and air flow. At this moment speed should be the least concern for the student. Once the student is very comfortable playing each exercise with a consistent sound and

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