Finding Your Voice, By Larraine R. Matusak Essay

Finding Your Voice, By Larraine R. Matusak Essay

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Finding Your Voice: Learning to Lead…Anywhere You Want to Make a Difference, by Larraine R. Matusak is a book, which explains the proper way to incorporate leadership into one’s life. The author approaches the topic of Leadership with a quite passionate point of view. Matusak observes leadership through a very wide lens. In other words, she is a firm believer that there is more than one way to effectively carry out the act of leadership. The author is on a mission to bring out the natural leadership skillset in all people, and too encourage anyone and everyone to find a way to lead in life. The main focus of the book is the fact that one does not require any sort of title or major position of power to live out their passion and to customize leadership opportunities for their individual talents. This very concept was stressed constantly throughout this book, along with the idea of weaving a shared vision. Weaving a shared vision is a very important aspect of leadership because it involves shaping all minds involved in an organization to point them towards a common goal. Let’s take a look at some of the main points that Matusak states in her book.
The book demonstrates a couple of different ways in which people define leadership. The first is that leadership is being connected to a title or position. The second is that leadership is simply an attribute of a charismatic person. While not everyone can agree on a certain way to define leadership, the steps required to execute leadership remain the same. The book begins by showing how leadership is a three-step process in which self-knowledge, self-improvement, and recognizing your passion and then seizing and creating opportunities to create action are all required. Matusak states tha...

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...sence of my personal strengths and weaknesses in regards to my leadership and followership skills. Being that attitude is everything in this business, I am completely capable of either getting a hole in one or taking a walk of shame. I am in control of the way that I lead, and the way that I follow. Whether I succeed or fail in my attempts to lead or to follow is determined by one thing and one thing only, and that is my mindset toward the situation. If I think that I am going to completely fall on my face, it then becomes possible. If I believe that I will succeed, it then becomes possible. As humans we have a god given ability to move up or screw up, and I intend to move up as high and as far as I can. I no longer see leadership or followership as a pain in my side, but as a vehicle for great things to move through great people resulting in extraordinary outcomes.

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