The Fight for Peruvian Independence Essay

The Fight for Peruvian Independence Essay

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A very important event in Peruvian history is how Peru gained its independence from Spain. It all started with an uprising of Spanish-American landowners and their forces were led by Jose de San Martin of Argentina and Simon Bolivar of Venezuela. Because Peru was the stronghold of the Spanish government in South America, Argentine patriot, General San Martin’s strategy to liberate Peru was to use diplomacy. He sent representatives to Lima urging Viceroy Pazuela that Peru be granted independence, however all negotiations proved unsuccessful. They then launched Peru’s movement toward independence. San Martin led the military campaign of 4,200 soldiers. On July 28, 1821, he proclaimed the independence of Peru in Lima and said, “From this moment on, Peru is free and independent; by the general will of the people and the justice of its cause that God defends. Long live the homeland! Long live freedom! Long live our independence!” However, Spain did not identify Peru’s independence and the conflict continued. In 1824, Simon Bolivar and his assistants assembled the army at the Lake of Junín...

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