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  • Bolivia

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    Bolivia Bolivia is a country near the center of South America. It lacks a seacoast and has great natural barriers to transportation. In western Bolivia, the majestic, snow-capped Andes Mountains surround a high, dry plateau. A vast lowland plain spreads over the north and east. Tropical rain forests thrive in the northern part of the plain, and grasslands and swamps sprawl across much of the east. Largely hilly country lies between the Andes Mountains and the lowland plain. Most Bolivians

  • Bolivia

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    Bolivia Outline Bolivia Introduction: I. The History of Bolivia A. Independence 1. Revolution B. Political Instability 1. The Regime of Paz Estenssoro 2. Rule by the Army II. The Economy A. Resources 1. Mining, Manufacture, and Trade 2. Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry B. Strengths and Weaknesses 1. Currency and Banking 2. Labor III. The Culture A. Location 1. Terrain 2. Climate B. Cocaine 1. Effects 2. War on Drugs Bolivia

  • Bolivia

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    BOLIVIAN PARADISE Bolivia is an amazing country that is breathtaking and is similar to a paradise. Bolivia is an interesting country that practices an interesting style of living. Locals always have plenty to do. They can go out for pizza, go see movies, or simply sit and talk. Many countries in South America has the same main language, Spanish. So yes, Spanish is the major language in Bolivia . Most people think of exotic foods when they think of foods from other

  • Bolivia

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    Bolivia Bolivia is located in the west-central part of South America and is the fifth largest country of the continent having an area about twice the size of Spain. Bolivia is landlocked bordering five countries; Brazil on the northeast, Paraguay to the southeast, Argentina on the south, and Chile and Peru on the west. The main physical feature of Bolivia is the Andes Mountains, which define the country's three geographic zones. First is the Altiplano, or plateau region, which lies

  • Journey to Bolivia

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    Journey to Bolivia Are you the type of person who loves to travel to distant lands and go on extravagant adventures? If so, there exist a land of rich culture and a journey of a lifetime. Bolivia, in the heart of South America, has attracted tourist seeking adventures in the high Andes Mountains as well as deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Known for its culture that is traced back to the ancient Incan people, Bolivia is a land of mystery and hidden secrets awaiting to be uncovered. A trip to Bolivia is a

  • Politics in Bolivia

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    Politics in Bolivia Bolivia is a country located in the central part of South America. As one of the poorest countries in the region, Bolivia entered the XXI century carrying a vast population in extreme poverty. Bolivia has also faced the fate of those countries that don't have a shoreline, which has had a significant negative impact on its commerce, economy and overall development. The most outstanding issue affecting the social, economic and political dimensions of Bolivia's life is clearly

  • Bolivia – Privatization or Nationalization?

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    Bolivia – Privatization or Nationalization? Bolivia was once a rich and prosperous country but is now one of the poorest nations in the world. The economy of Bolivia used to be rich in agriculture and mining but now searches to find something prosperous again. Privatization of certain companies has started in the country but was expelled when mass protests began. The companies’ prices are too high and the people used their culture and history to get rid of them. The Cochabamba protests

  • Brief History of Bolivia

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    Bolivia, a country rich in history and natural beauty has a long storied past. Named after independence fighter Simon Bolivar, Bolivia broke away from Spanish rule in 1825. However, Bolivia’s history goes much deeper. To understand Bolivia we must travel back in time to its origins. Bolivia traces its roots back around 21,000 years when it was part of the culture of Andean South America. Around 600 B.C. the Andean empire emerged on a high plateau between the Altiplano Mountains. This empire

  • Essay About Bolivia

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    Bolivia: A Country Divided In 1967 deep in the Bolivian Jungle a group of Bolivian Special Forces, trained by the American Green Berets were hunting down Che Guevara, a Marxist revolutionary, who had been attempting to overthrow the government. Guevara had gone to Bolivia in the hopes of instigating a revolution among the poor Bolivian peasants but to his surprise his ideals were met with either indifference or contempt and it was one of these people that betrayed his location to the Bolivia government

  • The Importance Of The Republic Of Bolivia

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    The Republic of Bolivia believes that, for the purpose of giving all countries the opportunity to improve the quality of the environment in said countries, the developed nations should provide monetary support or essential resources of equal value for the developing nations. Responsible for only 0.04% of global emissions (Climate), Bolivia has come to face dire consequences for the mistakes and wastefulness of foreigners. Global climate change has had a tremendous effect on Bolivia in five areas: