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    Chile In this project we are going to summarize the main points concerning the history of CHILE , its independance, and bring the country to present day CHILE. We are also going to mention some important facts about CHILE"S economy. I. COLONIZATION PERIOD CHILE is a country located in the wester coast of South America, on the Pacific Ocean. It is known for the famous Andes Mountain Range that covers all of Peru and part of Chile CHILE was first discovered in 1520 by a Portuguese navigator named

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    Chile is a long thin country that stretches from the Northern tip of South America all the way to the Southern parts of South America in the Tierra De Fuego. The country is about 1,930 square miles. The countries that border the long country include: Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Chile, like most countries in South America, speak Spanish. Santiago is Chile's capital and is about 247.5 square miles long, and is located in the center of Chile. Before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in

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    Chile When considering a vacation in Southern America, you should definitely consider Chile as an interesting destination. Chile is the world’s longest country. Located on the volcanic and highly seismic Pacific Ring of Fire, the coastline extends over 2,672 miles and is never more than 117 miles wide. The world’s driest desert, majestic mountains, spectacular glaciers and fjords, and imposing volcanos all make up the geography and environment found nowhere else place in the world. Food is an integral

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    Although today, Chile is known as one of the biggest economic and political powerhouses in Latin America, it wouldn’t be where it is today without its long and complicated history. In the 16th century, the Spanish commenced the colonization of modern day Chile, and Pedro de Valdivia established the capital Santiago in 1541. However, the Mapuche people greatly resisted this invasion and weren’t subdued until the 1880’s. Chile declared independence in 1810 following the overthrow of the king of Spain

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    Republic of Chile is located in South America, and is well known for its ski resorts and popular wildlife. Chile was once a Spanish colony, but gained its independence in the nineteenth century. After the twentieth century, Chile’s economy has grown substantially because of their use of the Andes Mountains for tourist attractions. Chile has become modernized, urbanized, and has grown overall as a country. In 1520, Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan came upon the land we now know as Chile. With most

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    The Republic of Chile, or Chile, is a South American country. It can be found west of both Bolivia and Argentina and south of Peru. It is a Southern Cone country, one that is south of the Tropic of Cancer, as well as a coastal country. Chile holds the title of longest north-south country in the world, stretching north to south approximately 2,670 miles and from east to west, only 217 miles (as cited in Wikipedia, 2013). Due to its geographical location, Chile has a remarkable climate and landscape

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    Introduction Chile is a republic located in southwestern South America. On the north side of Chile lies Peru, to the east is Bolivia and Argentina, and on the south Peru is bounded by the Pacific Ocean. The Archipelagoes Islands extend along the southern coast of Chile from Chiloé Island to Cape Horn. Among these islands are the Chonos Archipelago, Wellington Island, and the western portion of Tierra del Fuego. Some other islands that belong to Chile include the Juan Fernández Islands, Easter Island

  • The Aviation Industry In Chile

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    Chile is a very dynamic country with many interesting features that have shaped their aviation industry to be one of the most unique in the world. Apart from having a very unique shape, it also has many land features that set it apart from other countries. These features have affected the international aviation industry in Chile and made it very distinctive. Before the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century, Chile was home to the Inca tribe in the north and the Mapuche ruled central

  • Chile's Physical Geography, Chile And The Country Of Chile

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    Chile is a country which is a part of the South American continent. It is a long strip of land in the south west region of South America. It is coastal to the South Pacific Ocean, and a portion of the South Atlantic Ocean. When compared to other countries, Chile’s physical geography is a little odd. This long piece of land stretches vertically from north to south approximately 4,270 km, yet it is only 177 km, from east to west. Chile borders three countries; Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. The capital

  • Chile Transitional Justice

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    Transitional Justice In 1990, the Chilean Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established and became the primary strategy chosen by the state, to handle the systematic human right violations committed during Pinochet’s military dictatorship. Chile is one of the earliest countries to establish truth and reconciliation commissions and continue the pursuit of justice for many of the disappearances and killings during this era; reparation programs have grown gradually and a second truth commission

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    Chile Earthquake 2010 1. Basic Information The 2010 Chile earthquake took place off the coast of the central Chile on February 27th at 06:34 UTC, causing an intense shaking which lasted for three minutes. The earthquake affected six Chilean regions from north to the south in which Concepción occupants were the main victims. The population occupying these areas contributes approximately 80% of Chile's population; hence it severely affected the country. The disaster was natural which resulted from

  • Chile Miners Rescue

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    around 450m (1,475ft) at the San Esteban mine, near the city of Copiapo, when the rock above them collapsed. (Herald, 2010) This was a headline around the world and forever pain for the miners and their family members. Major incident is uncommon in Chile, the top mine producer country. The rescue works started after 17 days after the incident but progress has been hampered because the main entrance is blocked. A second collapse on 7 August hampered rescue efforts, blocking access to the lower parts

  • Chile Political Issues

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    Political Issue The main political issue within Chile resides in border disputes. Chile rejects Bolivian assertion to repossess the Atacama corridor, which had previously been ceded to Chile in 1884. The main reason Bolivia wants to retake this land is to regain access to the sea in order to export natural gas, and thus bolster their economy. Bolivia, as of now, has no access to a sea shipping route and thus desires the Atacama corridor. Chile also has another ongoing border dispute with Peru. In

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    country that our group chooses is Chile. There are a few reasons why we choose Chile as our selected country for this assignment. All of these reasons make us want to know more about Chile especially on the globalization. There many statements and rumors state that Chile is the globalization star of country in Latin America. The reasons are: 1. According to Ernst and Young, Chile is the most globalized economy in Latin America. (Guion, 2012) 2. Globalization in Chile: A Positive Sum of Winners and

  • US Chile Intervention

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    America. This led to many countries to begin nationalizing its resources (most notably Chile). The U.S mantra of fighting for the freedom and democracy of all people could not have been more threatened and invalid than after the support of the Pinochet dictatorship. In this specific case, the US got involved and helped overthrow a democratically elected President for the sake of maintaining its control and interest in Chile. Before Salvador Allende’s Presidency, Chile’s... ... middle of paper ... .

  • The Earthquake in Chile

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    The story starts off in Santiago, Chile in 1647 with the main character Jeronim Rugera where he is preparing to hang himself while he is in prison. Jeronimo was a tutor at the Don Asteron household in till it was discovered that Jeronimo was having an illicit relationship with Josephe, the daughter of Don Henrico Asteron, by her brother. Josephe was then promptly sent to the convent of Our Lady of the Mountain but she was still able to keep up the illicit relationship with Jeronimo in till Josephe

  • Genocide in Argentina and in Chile

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    Genocide in Argentina and in Chile The military attacks on the people of Chile began in September 1973, and the disappeared would become thousands of citizens who were murdered or kidnapped during the 16 year reign of the Pinochet ideology ending with president Aylwin. From 1973 to 1983, thousands of people would disappear overnight never to be seen again into the 500 concentration camps where they would be tortured and murdered in Argentina. The people of Argentina crimes were to speak out against

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    In Heinrich von Kleist’s, The Earthquake in Chile, illustrates the story of star-crossed lovers brought together through a natural disaster. The description of the earthquake presents itself as a scene from hell. The relation between the destructiveness of the earthquake and the image of hell of apocalyptic literature presents the end of the world for the people of Chile. Kleist uses imagery to portray post earthquake Chile as the Garden Eden, the presence of a pomegranate tree symbolizes the start

  • Understanding the Cultural and Historical Landscape of Chile

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    Chile is located in South America and is a Spanish speaking country. The official name of Chile is the Republic of Chile. Chile has a population of 15,153,797. The literacy rate in Chile is 95.2%. Chile’s academic year starts in March and ends in December. Students in Chile are required eight years of schooling (Chile History and Background). Chile was first under the control by the Incas in the north and the south was under control by the nomadic Araucanos. In 1541, Pedro Valdivia, founded the

  • Bureaucratic-Authoritarianism in Chile

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    Bureaucratic-Authoritarian governments, according to O’Donnell’s definition, are “excluding and emphatically non-democratic” (Collier 24). The case of Chile emphasizes the exclusion O’Donnell speaks of, most importantly after democratic processes in Chile came to a halt during Pinochet’s reign. The implementation of a bureaucratic-authoritarian government in Chile led to a positive in change in the country’s economy while sacrificing political involvement. To understand the origins of Chile’s bureaucratic-authoritarian