The Fight For Aid From The Civil Rights Movement Essay

The Fight For Aid From The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The tone of our skin is every shade of brown, the texture of our hair is very defined. The structure of our body 's is a blessing and a miracle, from the suffering of a catastrophic journey our ancestors united. "Slaves" was the names written on every single one of those boats. Just America alone, we as a minority are still facing a constant struggle. From the Civil Rights Movement to the present day, Black Lives Matter Movement , the fight for aid from the justice system still fails. Police brutality and prison industrial complex is on the rise like never before. The question is then asked what movement do you was/is more effective? Considering that time is key, each movement played its role in a sequence of decades. The Civil Rights Movement was effective for the 1900 's and Black Lives Matter Movement was very effective for the 2000 's as the millennium were partaking in activism as well. I personally support more of the black lives matter movement as this is the most relevant event I 've experienced . I feel more important to Black Lives Matter movement as the negative factors caused by opposite thinking , has created both of these movements, as they both pertain to my future in different time periods. I highly respect our former activist leaders, as they jump start the fight for change. I would like to ancknowledge major points during both time periods. As a whole, both movements worked efficiently as Three major points are pointed out to express my view, on the ideology of the world 's history of America 's racial and political rigged system. Both movements in my option go hand and hand with each other. The first point I would like to make is the fact that there were many civil activists who strongly improved in making c...

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...a very enormous flag. This was a problem as travelers would get disappointed on the road driving. With all things possible, the flag was omitted and residence were forced to remove their flags from their yard. The rest of the citizens remain appreciated as the goals met their standards in grate justice for respect. In this case I feel like Black lives Matter was very effective to the society and town just as much as The Civil Rights Movement.
Many events happen in history to prove the significance of the movements. I honestly support both movements have the same characteristics between the two. The Civil Rights Movement was more gruesome. Black Lives Matter Movement is the second most efficient movement that 's taken place in society. Both Movements played important roles as our activist sleep in peace. I continue to support black lives matter as the times go on.

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