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  • The Black Panther Party

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    The Black Panther Party was founded on October, 15, 1966 by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in Oakland, California. This organization was a black revolutionary socialist party that was created to primarily protect African American neighborhoods from violent police brutality. In 1967, the party released and circulated its first newspaper, The Black Panther. Within the same year the organization also protested a ban on weapons in Sacramento on the California State Capitol. After becoming an icon of the

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    Founded on October 15th 1966 in Oakland, California, the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was an organization opposed to police brutality against the black community. The Party’s political origins were in Maoism, Marxism, and the radical militant ideals of Malcolm X and Che Guevara. From the doctrines of Maoism they saw the role of their Party as the frontline of the revolution and worked to establish a unified alliance, while from Marxism they addressed the capitalist economic system, and exemplified

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    "The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense knew what they wanted. They were young. They were black. They couldn't be ignored. Their ten-point platform was just the beginning of an unforgettable period in the history of this nation's civil rights movement. By 1967 the Black Panthers had established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their ideas, their agenda, their fight for equality for African Americans, put these outspoken youth on the map of American politics." (Haskins) Almost 40 years

  • The Black Panther Party

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    The Black Panthers aren’t talked about much. The Panthers had made a huge difference in the civil rights movement. They were not just a Black KKK. They helped revolutionize the thought of African Americans in the U.S. The Black Panther had a huge background of history, goals, and beliefs. Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, Ca 1966, founded the Panthers. They were originally as an African American self defense force and were highly influenced by Malcolm X’s ideas. They were named after Lowndes

  • The Black Panther Party

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    unable to have some type of agency in order to be free? If we can free ourselves, what type of agency is used? These questions are the basis for my paper. I plan to present examples of control and oppression through the film Panther that shows the struggle of the Black Panther Party of Self-Defense. The film takes place in the 1960's and it shows the struggles that the members had to go through in order to form some type of agency to free themselves from the control and oppression that the government

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    beginning of 1968, after selling Mao's Red Book to university students in order to buy shotguns, the Party makes the book required reading. Meanwhile, the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, begins a program called COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program) to break up the spreading unity of revolutionary groups that had begun solidifying through the work and examaple of the Panthers; the Peace and Freedom Party, Brown Berets, Students for a Democratic Society, the SNCC, SCLC, Poor People's March, Cesar Chavez

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    The Black Panther Party My survey paper for Assignment 4 is on the Black Panther Party. I will discuss the rise and the fall of the Black Panther Party and how Huey Newton and Bobby Seale met. I will also discuss some of the goals of the Black Panther Party, the good the party did for the black and poor communities. I will also discuss what they hoped to achieve from their movement. Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party (BPP) in Oakland, California in 1966. The original

  • The Black Panther Party

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    Black Panther Party “We knew, as a revolutionary vanguard, repression would be the reaction of our oppressors, but we recognized that the task of the revolutionist is difficult and his life is short. We were prepared then, as we are now, to give our all in the interest of oppressed people” (Baggins). Radical and provocative, the 60’s was an era of complete political and social upheaval. Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had banned the discrimination of people based on race, color, religion

  • Black Panther Party

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    Rules of the Black Panther Party Every member of the Black Panther Party throughout this country of racist America must abide by these rules as functional members of this party. Central Committee members, Central Staffs, and Local Staffs, including all captains subordinated to either national, state, and local leadership of the Black Panther Party will enforce these rules. Length of suspension or other disciplinary action necessary for violation of these rules will depend on national decisions by

  • Black Panther Party

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    them to the police department) for them to want to make a change to free themselves from control and oppression. It was because of this that 25 year old Huey Newton and 30 year old Bobby Seale founded The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in October 1966, in Oakland, California. The party was inspired by revolutionaries such as Mao Tse-tung and Malcolm X. Malcolm had represented a militant revolutionary, with the dignity and self-respect to stand up and fight to win equality for all oppressed

  • Black Panther Party

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    '70's posters of the Black Panther Party's co-founder, Huey P. Newton were plastered on walls of college dorm rooms across the country. Wearing a black beret and a leather jacket, sitting on a wicker chair, a spear in one hand and a rifle in the other, the poster depicted Huey Newton as a symbol of his generation's anger and courage in the face of racism and classism. He is the man whose intellectual capacity and community leadership abilities helped to found the Black Panther Party (BPP). Newton played

  • Black Panther Party For Self Defense: The Black Panther Party

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    The Black Panther Party, originally called the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was a group founded by former Merritt College Students, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. This party was established in Oakland California in 1966. The revolutionary group was influenced by the views of Malcolm X. After his assassination, Newton and Seale took the initiative to start the movement. The Black Panthers would dress in all black leather jackets and black berets to symbolize their strength, unity, and support

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    The Black Panther Party is an African-American revolutionary organization which emerged from the 1960s. Campaigning for equal rights amongst African-Americans within the United States, The Black Panther Party, (originally entitled The Black Panther Party For Self-Defense), sought the termination of the centuries worth of oppression and inequality that continued to persist amongst African-Americans which included social, economic and political suppression. Founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale

  • Black Panther Party Ideology

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    The Black Panther Party is where BLACK MEN are. I know every black woman has to feel proud of black men who finally decided to announce to the world that they were putting an end to police brutality and black genocide… Become members of the Black Panther Party for Self Defence, Sisters, ‘we got a good thing going.’” – Barbara Arthur ( Black Against Empire, p.96) The ideology of black masculinity and women’s roles at the beginning of the party’s establishment was shared by many, and is illustrated

  • Sexism in the Black Panther Party

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    Guns in hand, more than two dozen Black Panthers promenaded into the California State Legislature to rebel against a gun-control bill. This excessive stunt increased the recognition of the Black Panther Political Party making them the new leaders and image of the Black Power Movement and from this they have gained many supporters, worldwide, for their ideology of black nationalism (Joseph 210). In the midst of a non-violent movement, the panthers propagated their aggressive rhetoric in order to shed

  • The Black Panther Party Analysis

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    The Black Panthers “The Ten Point Plan”, written by the group called the Black Panthers, was a document created to bring out equality and social justice for all blacks in America. The Black Panthers became a political party after blacks in America started to gain more power within themselves as a group through protests, by 1966 blacks were ready to take their progress into the political arena. The Black Panther Party or BPP was created by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale who wanted a political

  • The Black Panther Party Organization

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    The Black Panther Party were an African American organization that formed in 1966 to try to end racism and inequality for all black people. They were a help at the time and supported civil rights for African Americans, but used more violence to support their cause. They fought for freedom for all discriminated black people. Then later on, new Black Panther Party’s formed to support their original cause. Before the Black Panthers, slavery just ended, and there was a civil rights movement going on

  • The Downfall of the Black Panther Party

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    The Downfall of the Black Panther Party The Black Panther Party was the most influential revolutionary group during the Civil Rights movement era. The BPP became a very strong political power. It influenced many government decisions and attracted the mass media. Yet, due to a number of reasons the BPP eventually collapsed. The Black Panther Party came to its demise due to government operations against it, various mistakes by the Party itself, and by short comings by its own leaders. The most

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    Black Panther Party were one the most famous black power movement that was organize in the late 1960s. Invent by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, they wanted to stop the oppression of the black community from white business owners, governments, and the police. At first, the moment originally called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense to utilize the Party’s beliefs from the domineering nonviolent campaign of the Civil Rights Movement. Additionally, the Black Panther Party develop the Ten-Point program

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    Close your eyes. What image comes to mind when you think of the Black Panther Party? Many people today envision a male figure with association to violence: a powerful man with a gun in hand while wearing the Panther’s signature black beret. This image is formed through the thousands of posters and t-shirts once worn as a form of propaganda. The Black Panther Party may have been seen as a prominently male organization, but to everyone’s surprise it was two-thirds female. In Oakland, California during