Black Lives Matter: Is Black Lives Matter?

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Black lives matter is a social media movement that went of the Ferguson, Gardner cases etc. Also very rapidly it was to show as a opposition to the police and cops. Somehow when saying black lives matter it was like saying all life matter don’t matter. It’s a touchy subject due to why people view things and for most case I can understand. I feel that the person that made black life’s matter didn’t mean for it to be just all about black life but to inform others around the nation that there is a special problem that is only happening in the African American community and we have fix that issue . we as a society has to recognize this that the African American are not making this up this its not something being politicalized its real and there’s a history behind it so we have to seriously.
We have to state "Black Lives Matter," since we 're not living it. Nobody is addressing whether white lives matter or whether police lives matter. Be that as it may, the topic of whether Black lives truly matter is an open question in this nation. Our organizations demonstration like Black lives don 't make a difference. The police demonstration like Black lives don 't make a difference when they shoot unarmed Black individuals with their arms in the air and when Blacks are shot at more than two times the rate of whites, even when whites are outfitted. The
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We say it since "All Lives Matter" gives us a chance to return to feeling good. "Dark Lives Matter" makes us uncomfortable. Why? Since it advises us that race exists. It advises us that our experience as white individuals is altogether different from the experience of Black individuals in this nation. It advises us that bigotry is perfectly healthy in the United States of
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