Feminist Pedagogy And Organizing For Social Change Essay

Feminist Pedagogy And Organizing For Social Change Essay

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Historically, feminist pedagogy has emerged from the women’s movement (Briskin, 1990; hooks, 1994). In this historical context, feminist pedagogy cannot be defined as a mere instructional principle, strategy, or method. Feminist pedagogy is a praxis of social change that is rooted in a concept of education as the practice of freedom (Freire, 1988) from all forms of oppression, violence, domination, discrimination, and phobia. According to Briskin (1990), “The intrinsic link between feminist pedagogy and organizing for social change reflects the connection between the classroom and the world outside it, and the feminist understanding that change is necessary and must be systemic” (p. 23). Hence, feminist pedagogy is intricately connected with the liberatory pedagogy of equality and equity (Freire, 1973) because all teaching and learning processes are constructed in the context of democratic shared power relations (see, our slides on the definitions of power as passion). These relations are based on collective participation and dialogues that allow students to share their experiences and personal narratives about their lives within the ethic of care and trust (hooks, 1994).
Examples of Feminist Pedagogies in different classrooms
Goal-centered pedagogy: Outline five particular goals to be achieved by all students and yourself. These goals may include 1) sustenance of the atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, care, and community; 2) shared leadership; 3) cooperative learning strategies; 4) nurturing Emotional Intelligence or a collective recognition of an interplay between affective and cognitive experiences; 5) dialogic action (Schniedewind, 1983, pp. 262-270)
Feminist Pedagogy in a Science Classroom
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...interactions in instructional situations is the ultimate test of educational equality, and the ways in which these are structured and negotiated are determined by cultural attitudes, values, and assumptions. When cultures, students and teachers are not synchronized, someone loses out. (Gay as cited in Neeganagwedgin, 2013, p. 239)
A critical question for your reflection
Discuss how an effective teacher may reduce and transform social oppression, increase student involvement in learning, focus on student effort, and promote student belief in their competence? Hint: Think about the critical concept of intersectional matrix of domination and its pedagogical significance for transgressive education as the practice of freedom. Read about students’ positive experiences with teachers (see, Neeganagwedgin, 2013, p. 238/299). Think about Sybil Shack and her contributions.

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