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“A feminist is one who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes” (Adichie, 2013). Feminism is not the belief that one’s sexual orientation or one’s power is superior over another. The very meaning of feminism demonstrates a complete resistance to this belief. Throughout the years, a range of categories of feminism philosophy have developed. They consist of goals in objectives, methodologies, and affiliations. Many feminists distinguish themselves with many branches of women 's activist thought. The three forms of feminism that this essay will consider are liberal feminism, socialist feminism, and radical feminism. This essay will argue that liberal feminism is the most valid theory of feminism as liberal feminist’s…show more content…
In the 1920s, after many years of brutalization, women had the right to vote (McElroy 2016). Liberal feminists became active once more in the 1960s when sex discrimination was becoming a major issue similar to racial discrimination. Several American women’s welfare organizations such as the National Organization for Women, national women’s political caucus and women’s equity action league were created during that era in order to expand and protect women’s rights (McElroy 2016). Liberal feminists argue that women and men have similar requirements. Liberal women rights ask: what do women need? For the most part, the exact same thing what men need: to receive an education, have a civilized life and to provide for their families. Liberal feminists believe in gender equality regardless of circumstance and environment.
Despite the many positives accomplishments liberal feminists have achieved throughout the decades there are some critiques of liberal feminism theory. One criticism is that liberal feminism emphasizes women becoming like men, which potentially abuses the prominence of twentieth centuries traditional female roles such as being a stay at home mother and taking care of children. This has been frowned upon by liberal feminists, as they believe powerful women are the ones who work just like men. (liberal feminism
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Another critique is that it goes against the basic teachings of feminism, in which men and women are equal. Radical feminist sought to believe that patriarchy is the only reason why women are oppressed in society and all men do not want to see women succeeding in business nor social sector. Due to their misandry towards men, radical feminism theory has often been frowned upon, as it gave the term feminism a bad reputation.
Many feminist theories believe that pornography is part of male culture and the patriarchy in which women are exploited and abused. In fact, one of radical feminism philosophy’s primary concerns is pornography as they believe porn degrades women and that women involved in the industry are physically damaged by patriarchy, as pornography as often directed by male pornographers (McElroy 2016). Renowned radical feminist Andrea Dworkin explored issues like misogyny and pornography. Dworkin spoke out for several causes, primarily in ending violence against women. Her famous work Pornography: men possessing women (1981) argues that porn teaches men to rape and violently abuse women. However, studies show that watching pornography its self does not cause any considerable social harm. Despite this, it is true that the adult industry itself can be torturous and

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