Essay on The Fayetteville Manlius School District Special

Essay on The Fayetteville Manlius School District Special

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What I Think Makes the Fayetteville-Manlius School District Special

** Note everything I discuss and/or have listed I have experienced/observed, this is not a complete representation of what is offered at Fayetteville-Manlius Schools.


What makes the Fayetteville-Manlius, or the FM School District different is that they offer many different levels of courses, along with enriching electives. Each grade level has different sections for each NYS required course. Some in which are slower paced and require more one on one teaching. While others are very independent and even provide students with college credits. The district offers this wide range of choices as early as 7th grade! However, different levels of required courses are not the only uniquely offered thing here at FM. As early as 5th grade the students are introduced to classes like, technology, art, German, and Latin. As they progress into 9th grade electives like, sociology, psychology, drawing and design, rhetoric of race, film, photography, genocide throughout history, and a variety of other stimulating courses are offered. What is interesting about these courses is again, depending on how advance the student is some of these electives offer college level credits.


For the students who require extra assistance, the Fayetteville-Manlius School District offers all kinds of support. The district offers resource programs at all grade levels. This program seeks to provide help with all subjects. Many students placed in resource have difficulties with things from organizational skills to comprehending a subject/assignment. Resource is in place to help students with these difficulties be on a level playing field with their peers. For students t...

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...ents to graduation and onto their respected paths. High school counselors also do a lot of mediating between teachers, the students, and sometimes parents. During my time spent there I noticed a lot of the support needed in high school from a guidance counselor standpoint has a lot to do with the stresses high school can bring on. Typically, if there are more serious issues than that a third party is called, like the social worker. Whereas, at the middle school a lot of the counseling has to do with personal issues. Middle school counselors help out a lot with academics and planning for high school, but many of the students who come into the counseling center are there to discuss personal issues at home, or issues with their peers. Therefore, from what I have observed at least, the district social worker and middle school guidance counselors work together a lot more.

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