Essay on Family Involvement With Children 's Education

Essay on Family Involvement With Children 's Education

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The topic of family involvement with children’s education has caught my attention since I have seen a lack of it throughout my own education. Parent involvement is generally low or not enough in certain urban districts. Many parents seem unaware of the importance of their participation and the large role they play on their children’s education. It is many concepts and factors that can potentially affect students’ academic performance. It is socio economic, family factors that can negatively affect a student’s learning engagement and participation in educational achievement. The question then is: How can Public schools promote family involvement?
The school site I conducted my observations was PS/IS 30 Mary White Ovington. Located in the neighborhood of Bay Ridge in Downtown Brooklyn. This school in particular carries grades k-8, however I only observed a 1st grade general education class. This school consists of 54% White (the majority); the minorities: Hispanic: 29%, Asian: 15%, and Black: 2%. It is also important to note that the principle has 4 years of experience and 60% of the teachers have 3 or more years of experience in the field.
The class I observed was led by a teacher with experience, it seemed to me that she had set ground rules since the first day of class. The students were always quiet and tentative to the teachers’ instructions. However something I did dislike was that this teacher never gave time for the student to explore or ask questions. The teacher was set as the authority figure and some students showed to be scared of her at times. I would sometimes go into the classroom and find one or two students crying. When I would ask, it would usually be over something the teacher did not allow the students to do, ...

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...rning more about this topic I came to the realization of the great improvements thus far. Our educational history might not look as pretty or admirable. The important thing about this is to learn and not continue to make the same “mistakes”. It is a calling for change, for a better education. It is a on-going battle a continuous work in progress to help students achieve success. I have always felt that parents should be more involved with students’ education. The foundations are built at home. Parents must be engaged and informed of the impact students have with their support. After all they are children and having a good role model can make a great difference.
Teachers should be aware of their students’ families’ background and stance because this may affect a student to a great extent.

The future of all students must have a well formed foundation in education.

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