Essay on Factors Influencing Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Essay on Factors Influencing Consumer Purchasing Decisions

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This field work study and reaction paper is in relation to the Elaboration Likelihood Model concepts one exercises while making purchasing decisions. In the field work, I visited ‘Target’, my local grocery store and consciously thought about my purchase decisions as well as observed other shoppers’ purchasing behavior. Many factors and specifics influence a customer’s decision making process while making purchases. The customer’s gender, brand, price, type of product and promotions among others are some the factors influencing consumer purchasing patterns the first part of this paper examines. According to Booth-Butterfield, S. and Welbourne, J. (2002), the ELM posits that attitude change may occur through one of two different processing routes: central route or the peripheral route. When one is highly involved in an issue or has greater knowledge around it, one is likely to put his mind into it more so when there are no distractions. According to ELM (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986; Petty $ Wegeberm 1999, factors that influence elaboration likelihood may be either situationally induced or internal to the person processing the communication. Part two of this paper will examine the two processing routes and the factors that may influence Elaboration likelihood.
Part 1: Purchasing Behavior Patterns
There are various factors that influence a consumer’s purchasing behavior. The female brain and the male brain is generally wired differently. Females tend to use both sides of their brains in their thinking while the male species uses the left side. They differ in their rationale and perspectives. In my field trip, it was interesting to note that women were very particular in their selections and took more time in decision making unlike the men...

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...ivation and ability, and personal factors affect the processing route an individual uses. A customer who feels directly impacted/moved by a topic or is well versed on a topic is highly likely to be influenced. Messaging that shows consumers the features/benefits and why a product is relevant in their lives is likely to influence a customer’s purchasing decision. The ability the customer is able to process the message greatly influences the customer’s decision. The message should be simple, direct and conveyed in a way that the target audience is able to understand. Messaging that is complex and not relevant to a target audience would influence their attitude towards it.
Messages should be designed for both central and peripheral processing. Incorporating clear messaging telling product relevance, attractive design with easy navigation and a clear call to action.

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