Exploring the Reasons Why Immigration is Beneficial to the American Economy

Exploring the Reasons Why Immigration is Beneficial to the American Economy

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One of the biggest debates among the American people as well as political leaders is the topic of immigration. The debate is about whether immigrants coming to America for a better life help or hurt the United States economy, and if these immigrants are taking jobs away from native residents and creating a job shortage. Other questions asked about immigration are should immigration in the United States be controlled and what is or should be done to help stop illegal immigrants. Jeanne Batalova writes in her article “Immigration Reform in the United States: Raising Key Questions” that “the current number of immigrants, 38 million, is at a historical high (73).” According to Ethan Lewis’s chart found in his article “The Impact of Immigration on American Workers and Businesses”, immigration in America has been on the steady increase since 1950 (50). Every American has his or her own opinion, but these biases do not answer the question about if immigration is a good or bad thing. Many Americans are blind to the immigration situation because they have not done research on the topic as I have. I have come to support immigration in the United States after reading and analyzing many scholarly articles specifically about immigration in America. I found that documented immigrants are a big part of our economy and have not affected the American job market. Further studies have shown that the government has been trying to control illegal immigrants coming into the United States only to find that nothing has worked. Without immigration our economic problems would be even worse.
Before going into analysis about illegal immigrants and how immigrants affect the economy, we need an understanding of the causes of migration to America. ...

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...should help to assimilate the immigrants to help our production and boost our economy. Documented immigrants play a major role in the economy today, and are projected to be even more important to the United States economy in the future. Results show that job loss is not related to immigration, so immigrants cannot be blamed for our job deficit in America today. Even with the problem on undocumented immigrants, the benefits of all the other immigrants out weight the problems caused by immigration. In the end, the policies of immigration need to be changed to help more immigrants to become assimilated into our society to help out our own cause, and not are preoccupied trying to keep everyone out. The supporting evidence shown throughout can be useful to help see the beneficial factors of immigration and why we should invite immigration into the United States.

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