Positive And Negative Effects Of Immigration

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Many people were forced to immigrate to safer places fleeing war or conflict to save their lives in their countries. For instance, the events in Ivory Coast where the conflict forced more than one million people to flee to different nations. Some immigrants were brought to the new land against their will whereby they were shipped to America as slaves to work on the farms. Moreover, some people fled their countries because of poor governance. Those governments that were not ruling to the interest of the people or treated them in groups as a result of ethnicity, political opinion or religion made them immigrate to U.S. For instance, more than one million people fled Burma because of poor governance from the military that treated them differently…show more content…
The great immigration processes that took place created huge population surges in U.S. The higher population placed a strain on the infrastructure as well as services within the host country. When the immigrants moved to the U.S, they were faced with numerous unknowns comprising of finding employment besides housing and adjusting to new laws, new language, and cultural norms. It was a challenge to America to assimilate immigrants into the society besides providing the necessary support (Srivastava, pg. 87). Immigration led to the increase in the labor force in America. The impact of the immigrants towards the economy was great since they already expanded the supply of labor in the host…show more content…
Subversive syndicates use the youth back then and even to date. The organizations encouraged them to form their groups besides gangs within less inhabited areas and do drug dealing, use the internet to do their criminal acts and gun smuggling (Wilson, n.p).
Public Education
Education is referred to as one of the necessities of man according to the world 's rule of law. It is the purpose of the government to offer free or sponsored education to its people. Nevertheless, in the U.S around 5 to 8 percent of students in the elementary besides high school were children of immigrants (Wilson, n.p). A great number of the immigrants never paid taxes while the government offered education with other inhabitant’s taxes. This led to too much expense by the government to the immigrants.

The economy had both positive and negative impacts on the host country. Having an increased growth in the number of immigrants, the government was burdened with the task of providing social programs like health centers and schools. The immigrants were included in the housing programs like the other inhabitants of the country (Wilson, n.p). Undocumented immigrants were also an accountability of the United States government whereby it was entitled to the provision of privileges any human being would deserve though not in the same way like the American

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