Exploration And Expansion Of The United States Essay

Exploration And Expansion Of The United States Essay

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“We are entering on its untrodden space, with the truths of God in our minds, beneficent objects in our hearts, and with a clear conscience unsullied by the past.” (O’Sullivan n. pag.) This quote from “John L. O’Sullivan on Manifest Destiny, 1839” demonstrates the beliefs the Americans of the time felt about moving. Westward expansion is an immense part of the history of the United States because it allowed the American culture to broaden. Many people in the nineteenth century believed that America would be a great and powerful nation in the years to come. However, these pioneers were often very arrogant and would forget flaws of their past and their government. Although Manifest Destiny was the American belief in the God-given right to move westward, this optimal idea impacted America through the exploration of new territories, unsettled slavery issues, and the destruction of and the wealth from natural resources.
Exploration and expansion is a major consequence of Manifest Destiny because of all that was discovered. After the Mexican War, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ceded a large portion of land to the United States in 1848 known as the Mexican Cession. The land acquired is now modern day California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming. (“Mexican Cession” n. pag.) The Mexican Cession shows expansion because the American people wanted more and more land to make America a strong country. Acquired through the Mexican Cession, California propelled westward expansion. Gold was found at John Sutter’s Mill in Northern California in 1848, which caused roughly 32,000 people to pack their belongings and head west. The Gold Rush also opened the west coast to immigrants and turned California int...

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...ople from other countries to America.
Many Americans believed in Manifest Destiny. This belief had consequences such as the expanding and exploring of new territories, leaving unresolved issues about slavery, and destroying and wealth from natural resources. All of the consequences depended on each other. For example, the expansion of the United States into new territories caused problems with natural resources, Native Americans, and slavery. When Americans moved west, we destroyed our relationships with the native people and demolished what was left of the buffalo. Expanding westward also let problems about the expansion of slavery arise. The idea of westward expansion created wealth in the form of gold and large cities and brought many different cultures to the United States. Manifest Destiny was a popular belief that infected the nation in the nineteenth century.

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