Essay Experimentation Research On Experimentation And Observation Research

Essay Experimentation Research On Experimentation And Observation Research

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Good morning Mr. Allison. Thank you for giving me a wonderful opportunity to research ideas for making changes in the company that will increase sales, increase customer retention all while maintaining customer satisfaction. Mr. Allison you challenged me to find information on experimentation and observation research and how it can help us improve our numbers for repeat customers as well as increase profits while maintaining customer satisfaction. The following is the information on experimentation and observation research and how they could be used to help us achieve the previous mentioned goals.

In order to explain some of the upcoming changes and ideas we will be implementing and strategizing on I need to explain what experimentation research method is and how relates to the service department. Experimentation Research Method is a way of studying changes in a company by only changing a small part in our case that would be making small changes in the service department as a trial for other departments in the future. All other departments will operate under normal parameters and our interactions with those departments will remain the same unless otherwise noted.

The experimentation research method I would like to discuss this morning is changing the performance review in a single department. When you challenged me to come up with a way to improve our numbers for repeat customers, increase profits all while maintaining customer satisfaction specific to the service department by using experimentation research I wasn’t sure where to start. However after doing many hours of research and studying I found that many companies are changing their method of performance reviews to increase feedback from the employees. Many perfo...

... middle of paper ..., and understands the fine line between observing and prying into individuals personal lives.

In closing Mr. Allison I believe through my research into both methods of research that we as a company should choose to implement several observational ideas gained from this presentation. First, improving our communication with the community and customers though social media is an important move for growth. Second, improving our social media presence as a way of advertising is cost effective and allows for real time measuring of how these sales or promotions are performing. Finally, I would suggest monitoring social media for customer reviews, customers feedback and potential subcontractors for the service department such as Ebby’s Body Shop on Second street would compliment our service department and allow customer a reliable place to take their car for body work.

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