Evolution Of Behavior, Kin Selection, And Receptacle Altruism Essay

Evolution Of Behavior, Kin Selection, And Receptacle Altruism Essay

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In this lecture Professor Robert, Sapolski starts of with two skills on the table and that by just looking at the skull we can see a lot about what type of animal we are looking at. The next step is to figure out what kind of behavior the animal has, for example, does it cheats, does it have a lot of aggression and his life expectancy. This lecture is all about the principles three building blocks, the optimization of evolution of behavior, kin selection, and receptacle altruism; the things we need to understand about evolutionary behavior of all organisms.
He starts with a story about the giraffe. It has a long neck, and therefore, it must have a big heart. When scientists make some calculation and compare this with a giraffe 's heart, they come to the conclusion it is exactly the right size. Only, they forget a giraffe could not life with a smaller heart and consequently. It 's only logic. It 's just how organisms function. This is how they evolved, and optimized during evolution. The same principles count for the evolution of behavior. We all want the Nash equilibrium.
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