Everything is Bigger in Russia Essay

Everything is Bigger in Russia Essay

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Everything’s bigger in Russia
Russia is a well-known country in northern Eurasia with distinct features. It has an expansive background with a rich history and extensive land area. This thoroughness can be viewed in various ways because this country is very versatile. Russia, in northern Eurasia is a vast country. This is evident physically, culturally, and economically.
One of the most prominent features of Russia is its gigantic and varied landscape; this makes it the largest country in the world. This immense landscape covers 11 time zones, borders 2 oceans and 14 other countries. Its land area stretches 6.6 million square miles and extends across parts of two different continents, Asia and Europe. Russia is about twice the size of Canada, which is the world’s second largest country. It includes the world’s deepest lake, Lake Baikal, Europe’s longest river, The Volga and Europe’s largest lake, Lake Ladoga. The variety of landscapes and landforms is enormous and can typically be divided by geographers into 5 natural zones with the largest zone being the Taiga or forest zone. These areas can differ in temperature and vegetation, for example: temperatures have been recorded in the tundra zones from -90°F with little vegetation while in the taiga zones, it can get to above 80°F with different type of trees. According to Daria Erzakova, a native Russian resident of Yuzhno-Sahalinsk for 2 years, “Russia is a gorgeous, scenic land in which I would love to be back living in. After residing there I disagree that ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’ because of the various conditions of superior and limitless beauty in which I witnessed firsthand”. Evidently, this evokes Russia as the massive, diverse landmass it is and gives insight on the...

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