Evaluation Of Students ' Perceptions And Implementation Of Professional Learning Communities

Evaluation Of Students ' Perceptions And Implementation Of Professional Learning Communities

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This paper explores four published articles that report on results from research conducted the effectiveness of PLCs among the teachers and students in school settings. The focus of this paper will analyze three studies, and the information will be classified into four parts: describing the three studies study, summarizing the studies writing the differences and similarities between the three studies and conclude the paper with further recommendations. The three studies that will be the focused in this article are:
• teachers’ perceptions and implementation of professional learning communities in a large suburban high school
• enhancing self-efficacy in elementary science teaching with professional learning communities (PLCs) focus on exploring the effects of sustained PLCs on self-efficacy in science teaching, and
• enabling school structures, collegial trust, and academic emphasis: Antecedents of professional learning communities.
This session will focus on summarizing the three articles. The article titled Enabling school structures, collegial trust, and academic emphasis: Antecedents of professional learning communities” focus on discovering the relationship between school structures (ESS), collegial trust (CT) and academic emphasis (AE). The researcher hypothesizes that enabling school structures (ESS), collegial trust, and academic emphasis will impact both individually and jointly the development of professional learning communities. The instruments used are Professional Learning Communities Assessment –Revised (PLCA-R), PLCA-R is 12 items, a Likert-type scale instrument used to measure PLC. Omnibus Trust instrument (Omnibus T scale) is a 26-items, the six-point-Likert-types scale used to measure the colleg...

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...mitt-Yates, & Mark, 2013). The TSI instrument used five subscales scores namely: learner engages scientifically- oriented questions, Learner gives priority to evidence in responding questions, learner formulates explanation from evidence, learner connects explanations to scientific knowledge, and lastly, learner communicates and justifies explanations scientifically- oriented questions in each of personal self-efficacy and outcome expectancy.
In conclusion, even all these three studies have different objects, varieties of instruments, and methodologies, but each study still focuses on how PLCs helps both teachers and students. One of the studies described one of the limitations as time-consuming, it is recommended that the training and time do PLCs should be shortened. It is also my recommendation that more teachers and students need training in the PLCs.

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