Evaluating The Statistical And Objective Measurements, Analysis Of Data Collection Through Questionnaires And Surveys

Evaluating The Statistical And Objective Measurements, Analysis Of Data Collection Through Questionnaires And Surveys

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In this research thesis will follow with quantitative method which emphasize the statistical and objective measurements, analysis of data collection through questionnaires and surveys that will gathering numerical data or to explain a particular phenomenon. This qualitative method will explain and describes the data expressively and comprehensive. It will also highlight on each words and content more than quantifications. All of the research data were based on comprising interviews with workers and management authorities and data collect by workplace surveys with employees and secondary sources came from the Ministry of Labor, Myanmar Garment Manufacturing Association (MGMA), Action Labor Rights (ALR) and other government official orders and notifications relating with labor issues. This was the best option for research questions as aim to gain a deeper understanding of labor issues in Myanmar Garment Industries and how do they apply labor laws, rules and regulation and Myanmar garment business trend in next 5 year.
This study is searching for the meaning through interpreting the observations and experiences, in-depth information about the current situation by using this qualitative study method. Qualitative research is very different from quantitative design which is based on the assumptions.
3.2 Study Areas
This research was conducted in Yangon city in Myanmar. Yangon is suitable region to conduct research not only for the commercial city but also it has international investment demands. In addition, most of the garment industries are situated in Yangon. According to the MGMA data, Yangon has approximately 200 garment factories (MGMA, factory information 2016). Many of them are high-quality with high-volume factories producin...

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...ing suitable times in long working days and building trust. In this survey, workers who were unwilling to participate which showed the fear of retribution and some workers encouraged to co-workers not to participate for this reason. The basic skill workers were more willing to involve in this interview.

3.6.1 Core Value Chain
This research tried to figure out and understand business operation of all stakeholders who are involved in this chain such as garment manufacturers, suppliers and international brands and also their linkage between them.
3.6.2 Rules
This research shall focus on understanding the surrounding legal and regulatory environment in the garment industry.
3.6.3 Supporting functions
Overview of the enabling environment supporting the garment sector which included information channels, available infrastructure and service providers by doing interview.

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